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Girlfriends Meetup

Last Saturday I went to a girl's night out via I had a great time. I was so excited to be out that I forgot to be socially awkward around people I have never met.

I am a little obsessed with I've joined sewing groups, girl's night out groups, neighborhood groups, book club groups, fitness groups, and mom groups. I haven't been to a lot of actual meetups. This was my first time attending a non-baby one.

The meetup took place at a wonderful Mexican/Cuban restaurant in Ravenswood - Cafe 28.  I only had one drink -- a margarita that was not as good as mine. I firmly believe that I make the best margaritas ever! I ate a ton. The dinner was at 8:30. I didn't get to eat until much later. I was starving. I ordered one of my favorite appetizers - Bacon Wrapped Dates. These were also stuffed with chorizo. Yum-O! I ordered scallops as my entree. Good but not OMyGod good. I did order another drink but it never came. Probably due to the size of the group or the universe "cutting me off".

I have never seen so many fabulous women of color (at least 30) in one space. Everyone was super SHARP! Nice conversation about backgrounds, the city, and Basketball Wives. I have got to start watching, I see a theme. I'm looking forward to spending more time with this group. I've already RSVP'd for 2 upcoming meetups and suggested an event.

If you're local, check them out here. You have to be a member to see events though.

What I Wore
Me made with a D&G designer pattern. My favorite leopard print fabric. It's super stretchy and flattering.
I suck at taking camera self portraits.

Anyone else use


tanesha said...

Love Cafe 28 it's one of my favorite....the mojitos are fantabulous

Mama Violet said...

@Tanesha We should meet up there! I'll have to try the mojito.

Ellen Stewart (aka Ellie/El/e) said...

Um, you have never offered me a margarita. I shall work to forgive you.

Be careful, the grio talks about B-ball Wives as being one of the worst shows for black image. It's just icky...Of course, I watch almost all the Real Housewives (not Miami) so what do I know?

Mama Violet said...

@Ellen next time. I'll serve a couple up!

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