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7 Months Already?

Wow, time is flying by! Queen V is officially 7 months. My girl is in crawling mode. Every time I sit her down. Every time I go to her in the middle of the night. She is on all fours. She can go backwards and sideways but hasn't been able to take it forward. At a recent playgroup I noticed she can get better traction on carpet. Maybe I should get a carpet remnant for her instead of the tacky ol' school 90's bed in a bag comforter I plant her on (see below).

Her eating habits are iffy. Her absolute favorites are chicken bones. We let her gnaw on them and she loves it. I don't think she's vegetarian. It's crazy. She gets this wild look in her eyes and gnaws away. She cries when we take it away.

She will eat the pre-made baby food if she sees us eating too. It's not that interesting for her otherwise.

She loves her food feeder (s/o to changess4 for recommending it) but it is so messy. I like seeing her feed herself and I am thinking about just plopping some pureed potatoes on her tray and letting her do with it what she will, Hmmm...is this a good idea, Veteran Mamas?

She is still bewb obsessed. She has refused her bottle on occasion and will only accept milk from the source some nights. We're still feeding every 2 hours or less most of the time. Hunger or comfort? I don't know. I just give her what she wants.

When she's not crawling or chomping on a chicken bone she enjoys: jumping, climbing, removing items from the cubby holes in the living room table; hearing her Mama SANG! (she's the only one); receiving kisses; banging the keyboard; and chattering way mixed with a few grunts, spit bubbles, and growls.

Happy Monday!


Susan said...

Time does fly. My little one is already 4 mos. Where did the time go?

Mama Violet said...

Month 6 to say flew by but it's been slow going otherwise...

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