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Flashback Friday - The Party Girl

In my former life I was never tardy for the party. I like love to party! Not in an a$$ out drunk as a skunk kind of way, just being out and about having night life experiences. Getting dressed up. Eating sushi. Drinking pink colored sugary sweet barbie juice. Listening to live music. Doing a bit of dancing. Cackling with the girls. I love it all so much I put it on my vision board.

I have been out 1 time since the birth. It was during my 4 day Thanksgiving momcation weekend. I miss it. As a way of sparking the fire, I am throwing a party of my own next month. We'll be designing vision boards and drinking wine. I've never planned a party before (stepping out of my comfort zone in 2011).

I've also tried to make friends on meetup.com to get the energy going. I've "joined" many groups..parenting, crafting, "girls night out", natural hair, and law of attraction groups. So far nothing has really come from it. It's like being back in the dating scene. Lots of misses. I even had my first rejection. This particular group seemed perfect for me. Ladies getting together and exploring the city a la Girlfriends or SATC. Ya know what? I. Was. Denied. or stood up. I'm not sure. They asked for a picture. I thought that was strange but I obliged and nothing *tear*. Anyhoo, I'm still out there looking for the nightlife.

This song always gets stuck it my head when I have partying on my brain.

Any other party animals out there? Do you miss it? Do you make time for it?


Tricia Hersey said...

you already know we are party girl partners. I miss it so much since moving here. It's been hard to find girlfriends but I have managed to go to a girls night movie and a poetry set. Both were fun. I am hoping to connect with this lady who is from chicago and lives here. I'm calling her tonite. The nightlife is so necessary. You have to make some time for it. Where is Venita? (one of the original party girls). I am going meditate on party girl time for you soon. I wish I was there.

Sommer J said...

I can totally relate :( I love to be out being silly having fun. Being a milspouse/expat friends come and go frequently. Gotta learn the local language to keep some solid friendships going! I hope you meet some great girls because you are fabulous!

V dot said...

Did someone mention my name? :D
I fall asleep on the couch at random times and haven't found my way to a party in a minute.
It's time to bring the party back in 2011.

Mama Violet said...

@Tricia see V's response. she's doing some couch party!

@Sommer J yeah the language barrier would be tough! martinis are universal though. :)

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