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4 Day Mom-cation

I had the opportunity to take an extended mom-cation. I enjoyed my holiday so much. I visited with friends. Spent time with my BFF who I hadn't seen in 5 months. I took Little Miss to see her great grandmother for the very first time. I went out to eat sans baby. I also went to the "get down".

My random thoughts/observations:

  • After putting baby to sleep I no longer feel like doing all that primping I use to do pre baby.
  • I wore flats in the club for the first time ever.
  • I felt really sexy though (could be my larger than life boobs).
  • I cannot wear bare legs in the cold for the sake of fashion and those who do are nuts (unless you are being dropped off at the front door).
  • Ethiopian food gives me the bubble guts.
  • Ethiopian coffee is expensive.
  • A lot of the same jokers from 10 years ago are still "looking for love" in the club.
  • Diapers and changing pad should be removed from purse before going out.
  • Do not leave home without breast pump.
  • Milkscreen: Home Test to Detect Alcohol in Breast Milk is a great invention. Pumping and dumping is not an option.
  • More than one glass of wine makes a party in my head.
  • Meat is really good.
  • The vegan Reuben at Chicago Diner is fantastic.
  • I love the holiday drinks at Starbucks.
  • Paypal is an enabler. If I'm online window shopping, I'm more likely to buy if there's a Paypal option. 
  • I miss the nightlife and shooting the shit with my girlfriends.

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