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Thank Marie Kondo for An Amazing Thrift Haul

The beginning of the year is always a good old thrift time. Folks are cleaning and clearing. Getting rid of the old junk to make room for the new Christmas swag. Marie Kondo comes along with a whole binge worthy Netflix series about decluttering and the thrift stores have have been jumping ever since!


I haven't watched Tidying Up with Marie Kondo and I probably won't. Do I need to tidy up? Yes? Am I going to binge out on neatness and order? No. However, I am grateful for the effect it is having on the thrift stores though. January was very fruitful. These are a few of my favorites from January and why I think they were donated.

Kate Spade Emma Flats
They look like someone wore them around the house. Decided they weren't going to work and put them in the back of the closet. In the box. Pristine condition. Retail $198


Rachel Zoe Faux Fur Coat
It was love at first sight for me with this one. My last 'going out' coat sold on Poshmark. This is the new one. It's warm and super fun to wear. It has a 70s bigness to it. Retail $178.

thrift haul january

DVF Reina Silk Dress
Silk is tough. The fabric usually has to be dry cleaned after one wear and this donator said 'Buck. It. Donation pile you go'. It managed to stay under the radar until I came along and scooped it up when it was the 50% off color of the day! It's perfect for Valentine's Day. Retail $348

thrift blog

Vintage Levi's Jeans
Found a cluster of vintage Levi's in the same store, similar size, and on the same day. My guess is that the style was no longer to their liking. Probably not into stonewash anymore or jeans with no stretch and the mom rise. All good thing to me! The resale value on these may be higher than their actual retail value. I've already sold the blue jeans.

vintage levi's jeans

Lucky Brand Booties
I was not aware that lucky brand made such cute shoes. These were new and never worn. My guess is a Christmas gift that was the wrong color. Pink shoes aren't for everybody. Retail $129.

january thrift haul

cinq a sept Cropped Pants
I rarely go through the black pants rack because if you seen one pair of black pants, you've seen them all. I was just doing a lite look when I felt the quality on these. I pulled them out of a super tight rack and saw they they were high waist with cropped length and side slits. Stylish and sleek with a retail price of $295. Perhaps this person couldn't find enough places to wear a cropped side slit pant. I think they can be worn with so many things from casual to dressy though.

designer thrift finds

Some of these finds are still available for sale in my Poshmark closet. Use 'thethriftanista' as referral when you sign up and save $5.

Are you tidying up or cleaning up at the thrift?

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