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Safe Secure Style for Your Camera

I lost my camera in a hookah lounge and now I take extra care when it comes to keeping my Nikon safe, secure, and cloaked in thrift style.

I have a camera bag but it's basic black and pretty utilitarian. For a bit of fun, I carry my camera in a large purse instead. Thrift stores are a wonderful source for stylish handbags at a fraction of the original cost. Oilily bags will set you back $75 - $100 retail but I found this brand new one for $10. I I thought it would make a great camera bag and two years later that's what it is.

turning a purse into a camera bag

Handbags look good on the outside but you still want some extra padding for the inside. You can buy (or diy) camera inserts that are well cushioned and have partitions that can be configured to fit your camera and accessories. I have enough room to include a DSLR camera, an extra lens plus a little space to hold my everyday purse essentials.

Have you ever lost something valuable? I have. I do it all the time. I'm extremely forgetful. Once I left my camera in a hookah lounge. I was having a super fun night of cocktails and chitchat. I absolutely left it behind. I think that was the last place I had it. It could have fallen out of my purse into a snow pile. I don't know. My mind was on merriment.

inserts to keep camera save while in purse

People always ask "where was the last place you saw it" when you've misplaced it.  I don't understand why. That makes no sense to me because if I knew that I would have it in my hands right now.

Never lose valuables again. #TileIt

I have since upgraded to a DSLR and I definitely don't want to lose track of it. It's not a cheap buy and it's so important to my livelihood as a blogger.

I want to keep it secure and never lose track of it. My absent-mindedness makes it difficult but tile makes it easy. Tile is the world's best-selling Bluetooth tracker. It allows me to track my valuables via my phone.  I just have to press "find" in the Tile app and I can sound an alarm and the GPS location of the camera.

track valuables and never lose them again with tile mate

Friends and family can also connect to your "thing" so that they can track it too. With the Tile app you can be a part of the world's largest lost-and-found community. Tile’s new tagline “together we find” elevates and highlights Tile’s community, where people can easily and anonymously help each other find whatever they’ve lost.

together we find with tile bluetooth tracker for keys, wallets, and anything you don't want to lose

It's very easy to set up and it's definitely an awesome accessory for cameras, keys, and even a lost panda. Anything that has value for you. 

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