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DIY Grape Coconut Oil Lip Balm

Matte lipsticks are my favorite and my go to makeup. They can be pretty drying so I like to add a layer of lip balm first before applying to my lips. Because I like making things and lip balm is super easy to make, I whipped up a quick batch of grape flavor lip balm with coconut oil inspired by the flavors of Welch's Tropical Berry Grape Juice made with Coconut Water. It tastes and smells fruity.

diy lip balm
What you will need:
- 2 tsp beeswax
- 7 tsp coconut oil
- 12+ drops grape flavor
- small containers

grape flavor coconut lip balm
Instructions: Step1: Melt the beeswax in the microwave. Step 2: Add coconut oil if it's liquid. Melt first if its solid. Step 3: Add grape flavor and mix it all together. Step 4: Pour into a container and allow to harden.

grape juice natural hydration

It smells yummy and lips stay soft and moisturized under a layer of matte lipstick. My flavor choice was inspired by the brand new Welch's grape juice I found at Publix.

healthy hydration only 100 calories

Grape and coconut don't just make a perfect combination in lip balm. They also come together for a pretty tasty juice. Welch's has combined their great tasting 100% juice with the natural hydration of coconut water.

no sugar added

I happen to love coconut water but I know it's not everyone's cup of tea. It taste more like grape juice then coconut water. It's sweeter but not overpoweringly sweet. There's no added sugar or artificial sweeteners. All of the sweetness comes from the skin, seeds, and all of the concord grape - a super fruit when it comes to heart health.

grape juice coconut water

Welch's Grape Juice with Coconut Water comes in two equally yummy flavors: White Grape Mango and Tropical Berry Grape. Each serving is only 100 calories and there's 30% less sugar so it makes a nice alternative when I need a little break from water

Have you tried new Welch's Grape Juice with Coconut Water? Thoughts?

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