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5 Reasons to Leave a Designer Find at the Thrift

Finding designer pieces at the thrift store is very exciting. So exciting that you may end up purchasing some less than stellar treasure. Even with the dirt cheap, you still have to be discerning. I have brought home my fair share of designer thrift that turned out to be pretty craptastic. To help avoid such pitfalls, I suggest you leave it in the store for the following reasons:

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Repair or cleaning will be costly or nearly impossible. If you can smell mildew or cigarette smoke, forget about it. The odds are not in your favor. You won't be able to remove or clean in a way that will revive and return your item to its former glory. Designer leather bags and fur coats may be especially tempting. Don't do it. Something better will come along. Trust me.

It's old school in the bad way. Vintage thrift can be a good thing. Classic shapes and styles will likely find be a good addition to the closet. A square toed chunky heel not so much. Super trendy finds of yesteryear don't always translate in present day. I know that trends repeat but some were bad then and they're still bad now.

Doubts about authenticity. Sometimes it looks pretty from afar but up close you're noticing some things like uneven, broken stitches. Poor workmanship is poor workmanship and usually a dead giveaway for a fake designer find. You can always use your phone and do some detective work online for guidance.

It doesn't have "wow" factor. If there's absolutely nothing special about it, leave it. Sometimes you need a basic black skirt. If that's on your wardrobe building list then you should absolutely grab it if the price is right. Basic black skirts are everywhere though so it's not really treasure if it does make your heart go pitter patter. What is it about the designer black skirt other than having a fancy name attached to it? Do you look bomb in it? Does it have awesome trim?

Flipping finds is not your ministry. I hate to leave a good thrift store designer find behind. I always think I will find someone who will love it and make a little cash in the process. Finding a perfect match is a lot of friggin work. Are you lying to yourself when you say you'll sell it? Most likely, they're going to be cleaning cost and a substantial time commitment involved. Are you up for that? Are you sure? is it worth it?

What designer finds have you left at the thrift store?

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