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Styling Jean Joggers for Southern Fall

I moved to Atlanta strictly for the weather. I feel wonderfully blessed in fall when I can still wear my summer clothes. I also have the option of wearing jeans without feeling like I'm in a sweatbox. I thrifted the jean joggers during my Chicago trip. They weren't something I was intentionally looking for but once I stepped in them I knew they were what my closet needed.

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The joggers are the best of both worlds. I can pull them on like leggings but I don't have to worry that my whole butt is exposed when I step out into the sunlight. They're soft, loose fitting and extremely comfortable.

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Low waist is not my friend. The cut never quite hits me on the hips right. I will let that slide though for the deepness of the pockets. Deep pockets are the unicorn of women's fashion.

gap jean joggers

I paired them with a vintage crop that adds that color pop I love. I am not looking forward to putting this one up for the summer and thanks to southern fall, I'm sure to get a few more wears this year.

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This is the outfit I get into when I take the pups for a walk then continue on to the grocery store. It's a quick and easy throw on. There's no thinking about it and I can get out the door fast enough for little puppy bladders without showing the neighbors my jammies. With the simple change to heels I can step the look up for a night out too.

What's fall looking like where you are?

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What I Wore: Gap jean joggers (thrift store) - Blue Planet vintage crop tank (thrift store) - Steve Madden sandals  (Amazon) - earrings (Kenya) - statement necklace (DIY)

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