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DIY Rose All Day Tee

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of zzysh®. The opinions and text are all mine.

I've developed quite a love of sparkling rosé this summer and I'm showing my love with a make it yourself t-shirt.

zzysh wine preserver

DIY "Rosé All Day" Tee

iron on letters
ruler and marking tool

diy rose all day t-shirt
Instructions: 1. Find the middle of shirt and mark. Cut letters very close to paper backing. For the accent over the "e" in rose, I snipped off a small section of one of the other letters. Using a ruler as a guide evenly place letters in three rows to spell out Rosé All Day. 2. Iron letters in place. 3.Peel off paper backing. 4. Place cloth over the letters and do a final press. Done!

I wouldn't mind sipping a cold glass of rosé all day but the reality is that I can only have a small glass or risk feeling too blah to get through my daily workout or screwing up my sleep or messing with my healthier living lifestyle in general.

There's no way I'm going to open up a bottle and then let it de-fizz and lose flavor while sitting in the fridge. Here's where zzysh® would come in handy. Apparently you don't have to guzzle the bottle or let it go to waste these days.

zzysh wine preserver
It extends the lifespan of wine after the bottle has been opened. The taste, smell, and quality are all preserved. All you have to do is close the bottle with the innovative zzysh® stopper. It creates an airtight seal then place the hand piece on top of the stopper and hold for 3-4 seconds.

The hand piece contains a cartridge filled with food safe argon gas and carbon dioxide. This mixture puts sparkling wine or champagne under renewed pressure. Each cartridge can seal up to 4 bottles.

There's zzysh® for non-bubbly wines too. So my favorite chardonnays and cabernets don't lose flavor either. zzysh® wine can seal up to 8 bottles and it works through replacing the air in the bottle with highly protective argon gas. Whether it is wine or sparkling wine zzysh® works to protect the wine from oxidation, ensuring flavor, taste, fizz and color are all retained.

zzysh® is so perfect for all of the summertime gatherings going on. I have friends who only drink sweet wines while I'm partial to drier, crisp flavors. Everyone can enjoy their favorites and you won't have a bunch of wines sitting around and turning to vinegar.

It's definitely a must have and I can't wait for mine to arrive. If you need zzysh® in your life, you can find them here. Use code: getyourzzysh and save 20%.

Do you change up your wine selection in summer?

rose all day tee

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