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10 Reasons To Visit Martinique

As we inch our way towards summer, I am thinking more and more about new places to visit and explore. I am a fun in the sun kind of girl so I will definitely be looking at spots in the Caribbean which is why I'm excited to partner with Martinique Promotional Bureau and Norwegian Air to highlight all of the reasons to visit Martinique.

Martinique is a Caribbean island that is an overseas department of France with French and West Indian influences. For a small island there is much to see and do. This is definitely the place to be for outdoor exploration and lazing about with fruity drink in hand. It's the best of both worlds.

Top 10 Reasons to Visit Martinique

The flights are very affordable. Norwegian Air offers non-stop service to Fort-de-France out of New York, Boston, and Baltimore/Washington DC starting at $79. You can also enter Norwegian Air's "Caribbean Island With A French Flair" sweepstakes and try to win two round-trip tickets to Martinique!

The rum. Martinican rum uses freshly pressed sugarcane juice giving it a sweeter, more complex flavor. It's unique to the island and even got a shout out by Ernest Hemingway in the book A Moveable Feast. He said it was "the perfect antidote for a rainy day".

If you go in July, Martinique's culture festival in Fort-de-France will be going on. People of all ages come together to celebrate Martinique's culture. Local and foreign artists showcase their talent. Attendees enjoy a variety of activities, including music, dance, theater and more!

View the magnificent falls. Take in the natural beauty of the island with a hike to La Fontaine de Didier, Martinique's 100ft waterfall.

Hike up Mount Pelee, the highest point of the island and the location of an active volcano. It erupted in 1902 and destroyed the town of Saint Pierre. Today, you can find many historical remains and a Volcanological Museum.

You can sleep in a bubble. Le Domaine des bulles is a bed & breakfast located in Le Vauclin where you can sleep outside underneath the stars yet totally enclosed by a clear, bubble shaped room. Bonus: I hear they make homemade chocolate too.

Dive off of Diamond Rock. The island was named for the reflections that its side cast into the water, which are very reminiscent of the precious stone. It's also a great place to take breathtaking photos for "the gram".

Enjoy a bowl of court-bouillon, the national dish of Martinique, a hearty stew of fish in a tomato sauce. Martinican food is heavily influenced by French and Creole cooking so expect it to be flavorful and spicy!

Shop Le Grand Marché Couvert. In this bustling bazaar, you can shop for spices and fruits as well as purchase souvenirs of hand crafted wooden bowls, straw hats, Creole dolls and homemade candies traditional to the island.

Laze about on the beach. White sand beaches in the south and black sand beaches in the north. All under picturesque blue skies. Bump up your adventure by swimming with the sea turtles at Anse Dufour.

All image courtesy of Martinique Promotion Bureau NY. For more videos and images, check out the YouTube channel and Instagram account.

Have you been to Martinique? Do you want to visit? 

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