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DIY African Print Duster Coat

Atlanta weather isn't quite ready for a winter coat but you do need a light layer. The kimono was super fun to make so this time I made a diy duster using some of the same steps. I used a dashiki african wax print from my stash.

diy duster

The duster is similar to the kimono. The length is a bit longer. It's a little more fitted. The sleeves aren't as wide and I added a facing to the collar.

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diy duster coat

DIY Duster Coat

fabric (3 to 4 yards)
matching thread
sewing machine
measuring tape
top to use as a template

Be sure to measure correctly. Right them down and double check the numbers. Learn from my mistakes. Trust me.

Step 1: Cut two rectangles for the body front and back. Length is equal to shoulder to hemline plus 5". Width is equal to hip measurment plus 1½".

african fabric

Step 2: Fold each piece in half and make the neck opening by folding template top in half and lining up against the fabric. Cut front neckline. Make a similar cut for the back piece but not as deep.

coat tutorial

Cut the front piece in half.

diy duster coat

Step 3: Make the facings. Pin fabric over folded neck opening in back and one of front opening pieces and mark facings to match. The overall width of the facings should be 3.5".

Step 4: Cut 2 rectangles for the sleeves. Determine length by measurng from 2" below shoulder line to desired hemline plus 2". For the width of the sleeve, measure from top of shoulder to 2" below underarms.

Step 5: Pin and sew it all together with ½" seam. Sew front and back pieces together at shoulders. Sew facings together to form collar. Sew facing to body with right sides together. Fold facing to inside and finish.

coat sewing tutorial

Fold sleeves in half lengthwise. Sew sleeves to shoulder by lining up middle of sleeve to shoulder seam. Sew together with right sides facing.

african wax print

Complete the duster by sewing bottom of sleeve and down length of coat. Sew hemlines for sleeves and bottom of coat.

Refer to kimono coat tutorial for an outline of stitching lines.

dashiki fabric coat tutorial

What kind of coat are you wearing this fall?

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What I Wore: dashiki print duster (diy) - Banana Republic top (retail) - Gap jeans (consignment store) - earrings (Etsy) - Aldo Boots (Amazon)

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