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Thrifting is Cardio. Snack Food is Good for You.

Exercise is not my favorite activity but thrifting is. It does get me moving. Take a trip to my gym and discover how I justify my shopaholic ways as cardio. I've also discovered a treat within a treat with the most delicious on the go snack I've ever tasted.


Workout Attire

I'm usually wearing tank top and leggings making it easier to try clothes on clothes. When I'm at the lone mirror, I certainly don't want to flash anyone. I wear sneaker so some other comfortable shoe. The workout ends quick, fast and in a hurry if the feet are hurting.



I take a hit of protein with me. A small snack to keep me energized so that I can power through lunch without coming out of the zone which makes ZonePerfect Perfectly Simple protein bar the ideal snack. It's a high protein bar that keeps you fuller longer and fueled up as you lap the racks.

Best part is that is under 200 calories. No wait. That's not the best part. The best part is that it's delicious! So far, I've tried Almond Toffee Crunch and Bing Cherry & Almond.  If you'd like to try it for yourself, there's a high value coupon on the website. 


Warm Up

My bag becomes a weighted vest. Carrying toiletries, snacks, water bottle, and 1.5 million old receipts keeps my muscles pretty limber so I don't hurt myself grabbing for the goods. I use to go with a cross body bag but I've now graduated to a tote that I switch from shoulder to shoulder to keep it out of the way while I'm swinging and pushing hangers back and forth on the rack. I feel the burn.


High intensity

Inevitably, I will eyeball something wrong. Go to the mirror for try on. Get it partially on before realizing it doesn't fit. Now there's a struggle to get it off and it becomes a major workout to get out of it. The sweating has begun and now I'm panicked and feeling trapped so I'm sweating even more!

Cool down

Several laps complete and the shopping is done. Now for the cool down at checkout. Just a gently swaying of the arms as I sort through the finds and do my final separation. Yeses to checkout and nos stay in the cart.

Changing room

Some thrift stores aren't clean. I'm ok with that. Before I leave the store, I stand in the changing room aisle and wash away any real or perceived dirt from my hands and face with a baby wipe. I leave the store perfectly refreshed and content with my hands full of thrifting victory.


I will say that I haven't lost any weight with this routine. Perhaps I should go more often.

How do you justify your thrifting habits? Do you carry snack food when you thrift?

Thrifting is my cardio.


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