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{DIY} Thrifted Dresser + Night Stand the Lazy Girl’s Way

Hello Thriftanistas, my friend from My Mocha Fab graciously agreed to guest post for me today as I am still on vacation. She's a girl after my own heart as an entrepreneur, thrifter, and diy-er. Check out this super simple thrifted dresser and night stand DIY!

Thrifting has become the new designer label. Goodwill and Salvation Army are the new Macy’s and Lord & Taylor. Everyone from high fashion divas to moms on a tight budget is getting their shopping thrills in secondhand stores. I confess, I’ve also recently fallen prey to the thrifting phenomenon. Not only with clothes but furniture too!

I’ve been struggling for 3 years to pull together a master bedroom and I’m just not into matchy matchy furniture. So traditional furniture stores just never seemed to have what I wanted. On one of my thrifting adventures, while perusing the fashion racks, I decided to give the furniture section at my Goodwill a go, and to my surprise found two excellent essentials, a nightstand and dresser. Both in almost pristine condition and for a whopping $10 each!

Now while I’m a crafter and diy’er and all that jazz, my patience is really short so the whole sanding, priming, double coat painting and stuff…..NOT FOR ME! I am truly a microwave kinda girl. I want it to be done in an hour maybe two because well, I’ve got more thrifting to do. ☺

Fortunately for me Krylon makes a wonderful paint & primer spray paint that was paint magic in a can. I did not sand down anything and I got a perfect finish in 1 ½ coats. The ½ coat was really just touching up small areas here and there. I painted both pieces black which is also probably why I didn’t need to do as many coats. Although the handles were already a brassy gold color, I wanted them to be bright and fresh so I gave them a quick spray of gold metallic spray paint. Check out my finished beauties below.

For the dresser:

Krylon ColorMaster Paint+Primer in Black Gloss (3 cans)

Krylon Metallic Spray Paint in Gold

Set of Knobs (2 of the handles were missing on the dresser)

Target Dollar Spot Wrapping Paper (to line the drawers)

For the nightstand:

Krylon ColorMaster Paint+Primer in Black Gloss (1 ½ cans)

Krylon Metallic Spray Paint in Gold

Target Dollar Spot Wrapping Paper (to line the drawers)

Are you making any Spring updates to your furniture?


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Anonymous said...

The wonders of spray paint! I'm loving the drawer liner too. I've found some amazing midcentury furniture for my living room at Goodwill. I was skeptical about painting the hardware but I did the same thing and it turned out great as well! Nice job :)
xo Jaime https://redvelvetcreative.wordpress.com/

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