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How African Prints Instantly Upgrade An Outfit

While hanging out at the airport on my way to Uganda, I spotted a woman in a gorgeous african print blazer. I made a mental note of the design just in case I got my sewing mojo back. A few days later, my sister in law introduces me to her custom ankara outfits and pulls out this jacket.

ankara print blazer

It is very similar to the one I saw at the airport and sis was ready to part with it or maybe she saw the thirst on my face. Talk about right place, right time. I went to Africa and all I got was this fab blazer. Not really I received so much more and I'm not just talking about new additions to my fabric stash.

african wax print styles

I wanted to wear something fancier than jeans but jetlag. In two weeks, I've flown the friendly skies 8 times and I've been in 4 countries. I am tired so I grabbed t-shirt. Grabbed jeans. Grabbed the new Rocksbox (use code TROYBFF for a free month) goodies waiting for me.

This will likely be my mom casual uniform for the next week while I get my life together. Wearing the jacket makes me look more pulled together than I feel.

How African Prints Upgrade Your Outfit

1. Originality Because there are so many styles available in so many colors, you're not likely to find someone wearing what you're wearing. Super exclusive look if you go with a custom design. The blazer is a classic style but the print is not likely to be seen on anyone else unless I run into Nairobi airport muse again.

2. It's shiny. Wax prints have a subtle sheen so if you are a shiny, sparkly kinda girl this is a great addition to the mix. You can skip statement jewelry and wear all black. Your shiny fabric is all you need.

ankara print outfit

3. Many colors. The cheerful mix of colors can elevate your mood and the mood of those around you. There's a color mix for you even if you're not a bright color fan. This jacket has darker, muted colors but it's still pretty vibrant when you throw all the colors together.

african print blazer made in Kenya

4. Tailored. A garment tailored to fit is the best way to upgrade your wardrobe. No matter the cost, a perfect fit piece will look good on you. My jacket was made to fit sis but it fits me well. That's a happy accident.

ankara print jacket made in Nairobi, Kenya

5. Cotton. The freedom fabric it is. It's quite comfortable. Not only are you getting an A+ for style, you're also wearing a natural fiber that moves and breathes. Greatly appreciated as the temperature started to rise mid photoshoot.

Are you wearing african prints?

***in other news***

Check out Instagram to see some of the pictures I took while traveling.

vintage sunglasses bought at an estate sale
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Artney @ My Pretty Brown said...

Lovely! I love African prints...really any prints. Tribal are my favorite. Great look!

laniza said...
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laniza said...

Glad to 'see' you back. I can only imagine all the fabric you brought home...

Ashleigh said...

That blazer is classic, fantastic, and chic. So original too! It's gorgeous and I'm sure you'll have it forever.

14th Street Vintage said...

What makes Ankara, Ankara?

Unknown said...

This gorgeous African print really does elevate the outfit. It makes a simple jeans and t-shirt so elegant #blmgirls

K. Elizabeth @ YUMMommy said...

Love the blazer! African prints definitely take an ordinary outfit to the next level.

Shon said...

This blazer is so beautiful and well made. The fabric is legendary and such a great reminder of your trip. This will be a treasured piece in your wardrobe for years! I need one! LOL

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