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{SAHM Style} Tunic + Leggings

Last year's Valentine's Day look is today's SAHM outfit. It's rather short and it feels much more comfortable worn as a tunic with leggings. I had this designer find hidden in the second closet of cast-offs, for sale, to mend and non essentials. Reason unknown. 

sahm style tunic with leggings

I have to admit, I love thrifting designer treasures. There's no way I would spend $400 on a dress with my small pockets but $3 I can manage which is why I said yes to this pink See by Chloe shift dress. Dresses lacking waistlines don't top my list either but for $3, I took a chance.

see by chloe dress

It's all those cute little details that sucked me in. A+ for the perfect pink color,  the comfortable quality of the silk / cotton blend, exposed zipper, scallop trim, and puffy sleeves.

I like it better as tunic rather than dress. It's way more functional. It also gives me a reason to wear leggings as pants. If you're ever on the fence about whether or not leggings are a good choice, two things to consider:

designer thrift store finds

1. Are they thick enough? If the lighting isn't good in your place, hold those leggings up to a light. Can you see through them. If so, your butt cheeks may be exposed if you're out and about.

what to wear with leggings

2. If you wear a pair the same color as your skin, you'll look like a Barbie who's lost her clothes. Perhaps the protective layer of a tunic or long cardigan?

shift dress with leggings

I have to cover up the crotch and butt area completely to distract me from the fact that I'm wearing tights as pants. These tights are fleece lined and just felt so right for the rainy, cold day. I'm already dressed for my evening activities of tv, wine, and a seat right in front of the fireplace.

mom casual outfits
THRIFT See by Chloe dress RETAIL fleece leggings - Diba boots GIFT butterfly necklace ETSY Crochet flower hat

Are tunic and leggings in your mom wardrobe?



Unknown said...

I'm wearing leggings right now with a long cardigan LOL It makes me CRAZY when people wear leggings as pants. Especially when they are thin and I can see all the business.

Brandy Alford said...

Very nice, cute on you and a great find!

Neece said...

Really cute! When I wear leggings I have to cover my butt area as well.

Rustown Mom said...

Hooray for leggings - they allow me to wear tunics and short shift dresses in the winter. I could never wear them as pants, I don't have the figure for that. And it's a little too revealing, anyway! I'm going to wear my fleece lined ones today as winter has decided to return to Austin.

mommytalkshow said...

I'm loving jeggings right now. I grabbed a pair on sale at Macys and I've been hooked ever since. The only other time I wear leggings is to work out.

Whitney 'Nic' James said...

I'm a sucker for leggings and these tips are perfect. Love the look AND price! Awesome find!


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