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{Thrift Haul} Graceland

I slowed down the shopping during my transition but I finally made it into a store after a 2 week hiatus. I had a very modest and on budget thrift haul. That's rare for me. I stayed within my budget and only spent $20 at Graceland Thrift Store. This was my first time in the store and I found it to be a pretty pleasant experience. The store is the perfect size to browse the entire store without being overwhelmed.

thrift haul september 2014

miz mooz triumph oxfords


The prices were decent. The clothes were really cheap between $2 - $4 except for the new merchandise. I was very happy to have found Miz Mooz oxfords which retail for $119. If your shoe size is 11 or above, you'll want to definitely make your way over there. New in the box shoe prices were a bit high for thrift but still less than retail. Purses were also a bit high for the quality. 

gap striped tee


I saw a lot of the normal thrift store trend brands of Target, Gap, and old school Leslie Fay. They also have an entire rack devoted to elastic waist pants which leads me to believe they have donations from a mature crowd. Ya know I dig elastic waist. There's a high probability of vintage finds here.

habitual tory burch trb

I combed the store for over an hour and didn't come away with anything eye popping amazing. I did find Habitual by Tory Burch jeans from a few years ago. The jeans look great though and had a nice dark wash. They have a large selection of brand new items. To summarize, styles weren't so current but everything being sold appeared to be in good condition or new.

thrift store vintage belts


This store has lots of sales. For September, spend $20 and you get $10 off of your next visit. Sadly, I forgot to claim mine. Argh. Plus they list sales on Facebook and in the store. I had only planned on buying the black belt but they were buy 1, get 2 free. What? There's also coupons on the website and a monthly giveaway. I highly recommend liking them on Facebook and visiting the site to claim all the goodies.

thrift store haul

The Store Overall

Very clean. No thrift store stink. All of the proceeds go towards educating children. The staff was friendly and helpful. They accept credit cards. I didn't spy any dressing rooms and used a mirror on a piece of furniture to check the fit of the pink striped shirt.  I will visit again. It's definitely worth a second trip.

Have you visited Graceland?

pink preppy striped shirt


Kristin and Megan said...

That multi-colored belt is too fabulous!

Ayana said...

That multi-colored belt is seriously cute!!!! I am definitely on the look out to see how you style it.

Thrifting Diva

Mimi said...

Haven't heard of it, but may take a visit

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