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I Like Big Florals and I Cannot Lie

My closet never has enough tops. I buy tons of skirts in funky prints from yesteryear but never quite get around to filling up on shirts. I have a substantial tee and blazer selection too but blouses are lacking which is how I came to thrift this floral shirt.

big floral print blouse

I like how simple yet well constructed this one is. The big tropical floral prints caught my eye first. It's comfortable and soft. I loved the small shoulder pads. I think they add a unique look to the top and a nice straight line to my rounded shoulder / back area. 

target denizen jeans

My first thought was to cut some of the bottom off and turn it into a boxy crop top. That could still happen but I decided not to let it take up space in my closet waiting. I'm wearing it as is.

floral top style ideas

Shell tops are a thrift store regular. They're a nice way to build a closet cheaply as they are in the $3 range. I see them all the time and I think it's time for me to grab a few more for my closet. Nice and easy for quick dressing but still adding some visual interest. I just need to find the baby shoulder pads and good fit all over again. 

I love a good thrift challenge.

how to wear vintage

I struggled with how to wear this top without looking like I'm wearing a costume. I wanted a florals and stripes repeat but I think a pencil skirt would take this look totally 90s. Skinny jeans turned out to be a better choice.  A modern cut jean or shoes will work every time to cut the vintage and make old clothes look less dated.

Do you like big florals?

what to wear with floral print blouse
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***in other news***

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curvy girl denizen jeans



Ashleigh said...

I must have went shopping on the wrong day. I went thrifting today and actually walked out of the store with nothing, a first for me. :( I want to add some more blouses to my collection too.

Straight A Style said...

Love the colors of the top with your fun hair. Can you have too many tops?! I always seem to be searching for them too. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

xo, Amy Ann
The Real Arnolds

BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

What a fun print! Reminds me of home!

Alexandra said...

Great print! The pink part would maybe hold me back from wearing it myself, but I definitely like the color combo. I think it is fine as is, but I can see how it could be a nice crop too with the added volume on the shoulders. I've got myself three button-down shirts with pads for 50€Cents each recently. They are way oversized haha, but I am determined to make them work!

I think adding a modern cut skirt, pant or jean (and/or shoes ... or accessories) to a more dated top makes for quite the deliberate sophistacted look. I like it very much.

Alex - Funky Jungle

Ayana said...

Love the top! I am definitely one for big bold prints and this one is definitely giving me life. You are right, very easy to thrift as well!

Thrifting Diva

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