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Embroidered Blazer + Slim Crop Jeans

I try to stop myself from buying blazers. I own too many and I rarely wear them. They don't really fit with my lifestyle. However, it's not everyday that you find a cute little embroidered blazer at the thrift store. 

red embroidered blazer

There I was picking some tops for my friend to try on at Savers.. Going against my first mind to squirrel it away for myself, I handed it over. She tried it on and we spot a huge coffee stain on the sleeve. Ugh. She decided to pass and I decided to take a chance on it. Thank you, thrift buddy. Thrifting is better with friends!

red blazer black jeans

I spritzed it with stain remover and threw it in the wash ignoring the "dry clean" only part. It's cotton. C'mon! The stain vanished and blazer was as good as new.

It's has a really casual feel with a western style yoke in back so I'm going to treat it as a shirt and wear with jeans. My other blazers are more structured and can't pull the blazer and jeans look off like this one does.  

what to wear with black oxfords

I wore black jeans to better highlight the red embroidery. Black jeans play too much. Why do they attract so much lint? These happen to be a fuzz magnet. By the end of the day, the jeans are covered in ginormous lint balls. 

thrift style blogger

I do like that they're actually cropped on my short legs. This is my preferred length but inseams are always super long and a proper crop is hard to come by. Sometimes intense want outweighs the practically of the situation. I can't go around lint rolling myself all day. I'll need to find other solutions. Please drop your best lint busting tips in comments. Thanks!

casual blazer worn with jeans

I elongated the legs with black shoes that also have a high heel then finished my look with pops of color in necklace and belt. Hopefully, drawing the eye back to my blazer which I happen to love and I'm really glad it ended up coming home with me. 

Are you a fan of embroidered blazers?

talbots skinny crop jeans
THRIFT vintage necklace - Danskin t-shirt - Anne Klein blazer - Talbots black jeans RETAIL Nine West high heel oxfords

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Frugal Flirty N Fab said...

Luv the blazer and pairing it with the black and the PPP of color with the belt made it even more fab! Great look

Madam Too Much said...

You look Great in this outfit and I love blazers in all materials.

Edwige said...

This is such a great find and you styled it very well:-)

Ashleigh said...

The belt and shoes are so cute!

14th Street Vintage said...

Adorable blazer!
I ignore the care tags sometimes too. I kept forgetting to put a suede blazer in the cleaners, and here it is fall again. I went ahead and washed it. Came out perfectly!

Unknown said...

That blazer is cute!!


Dressing Up For Me said...

I want your embroidered blazer, it´s so pretty! :)


Unknown said...

YES, I am definitely a fan of embroidered blazers. This was a great find!

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