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Family Travel Essentials with TMobile Free Tablet Data

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Family Travel with T-Mobile Free Tablet Data

Having this connected Trio tablet was so essential to our family travel. It was perfect for our 12 hour journey over 2 days. We kept V entertained, mapped out our destination, and listened to books and music. We had a good time during our very long road trip. We were able to:

T Mobile's Free Tablet Data #shop

trio table from walmart #shop

Entertain Violet This is key. Helps cut down on the number of times she asks "Are we in Atlanta yet?" We distracted her with not so healthy snacks and endless streaming of Frozen the movie on Vudu. This was very effective. She even took a couple of cat naps which was a total score.

GPS Helped us map our destination and get around in our new city. This is probably the most important function of the tablet for us. It was so much easier to map locations and see where we were headed and on a bigger screen than our cell phones.

gps tmobile data plan #shop

Stay connected As we were traveling and moving to a completely different state, family and friends anxiously awaited news of arrival. It was nice to receive well wishes along the way too via social media.

Feed Our Foodie We like food so finding good eats on the road is essential for us. We were able to check out Yelp reviews to get a full picture of what's good, cheap, and convenient along our route.

Listen to Audiobooks My personal favorite travel activity. It only took us an hour or so to find a book my husband and I would both would enjoy.

free 200mb data for tablet for life #shop

T-Mobile Free Data and Moving

I bought a Trio Tablet at Walmart right before we left on our journey to Atlanta. I'm so glad I brought the tablet with me and didn't put it on the moving truck because it's looking like we won't see our belonging for at least a week. Now as we adjust to our surroundings, it's definitely making life easier.

t mobile 4g data #shop

I use the tablet as a mobile office. I made a list of all the things we had to do while road tripping and now I'm able to keep up with those tasks while driving all over town.

At the top of my list was getting Violet back to school as soon as we arrived. School was already in session so I didn't want her to miss any more days. We weren't cable ready but within 24 hours she was all signed up. I was able to do a search and rate different schools in the area plus create a checklist of all the new supplies she would need. Not to mention finding the school with GPS as I am new to the area and have no sense of direction.

free data for life #shop

I love how flexible, affordable and overage-free this data plan is. A tablet and data for $179 plus tax! Starting out with 200MB of tmobile free data is a big perk. The fact that I'll receive an additional 200MB monthly on T-Mobile's advanced nationwide 4G network is major.

I also purchased a week of unlimited data for $35 too which was so necessary when we were in our pre cable installation phase in the new home.

It's a pretty thrifty deal and it's going to come in so handy when I'm finally settled and and back to full mom duties / blogger / social media junkie life.

What's essential for your family travel?


Joyce Brewer said...

We keep our mobile devices charged when we are on the go.
Please tweet me (@MommyTalkShow) next time you're coming to Atlanta. I'd love to meet up!

Unknown said...

Wow, I had never heard of this product before, but it seems like it could come in extremely handy! Thanks for sharing! :D

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