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{SAHM Style} Everyday Sequins

I'm still without my full wardrobe and just kinda throwing on the pieces stuffed in a bag for the road trip. Today's experiment involves sequins and baroque print. I like having my sequins take full attention but I felt good about this combination. It's a great everyday SAHM look with a little extra pizzazz!

sequins everyday style

I'm realizing the gifted sequin tank is way more versatile than I thought. Navy is not a color I'm drawn to and I think I've been giving it a bad rap. I love how it looks with these jeans and the tangerine pair too.

sequin top ideas

I almost never buy thrift store Target. The prices are already affordable in Target and could possibly be the same price in the thrift store. I do find exceptions every now and then like these lime green baroque print jeans thrifted at Savers. The green / yellow color combo and the pattern spoke to me. They're lightweight too which makes them fairly comfortable in this heat which I'm loving by the way.

how to wear navy and lime together

My shoes just so happen to be blue too. I thought they were black and I treat them as such and wear them with everything. They're very comfortable, soft and give that nice leg lengthening lift.

baroque jeans

Now that V is in school and we're pretty car dependent now, I get to wear heels everyday. I won't though. I'm not that together. Flat slip-ons are just way more easier especially now that we have to be up and ready for an 8am start. That's the biggest adjustment of all. I am not a morning person. I'm not fully awake until after coffee and 10am. 

casual sequins
THRIFT Target Baroque Jeans - Kenzie wedges GIFT Express sequin tank top

***in other news***

Yesterday was V's birthday. I love revisiting our 4 year old birth story.

I've seen two deers in the back yard so far. My city girl eyes are real big. I wonder if he'll allow an "usie" or two.

No thrift haul yet. Gahh, so many thrift stores. Can't wait to get in them properly.

how to wear sequins


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