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{SAHM Style} Abstract Floral Dress

Everyday can't be a sexy red dress day. Most days it's casual, comfortable, and pretty low key. This SAHM house frau dress is perfect everyday wear. It has a lot of fun bright colors on a vintage abstract floral print. Plus, there's that surprise cutout in the back and deep pockets to hold essentials. It's also so easy to throw on. It gets a little wrinkly after washing but they fall away when I wear it.

sahm style

vintage abstract floral dress

Breezy and easy for summer. It is quite roomy and big below the waist. I try to stay away from shapeless sacks but this one has great details that give an illusion of shape. The length is perfection. The dress is right at the knee on me. That coupled with the fullness of the skirt make my legs look long. Oh and the nude colored sandal. All that together. I'm feeling super lean and leggy.

casual mom style

All that from this simple piece. It's not trendy. It's definitely not expensive. It has so much to offer though. Comfortable, casual, and the ability to transform. I love that.

What clothes do own with the powers of transformation?

casual mom outfit ideas

THRIFT Made in India dress - Crown Vintage peep toe wedge sandals

***in other news***

I seriously need to scale back. I'm discovering so many goodies while boxing everything up. I wear the same 2 or 3 pairs of shoes and I have boxed up at least 75 pairs. That's the thrifting drawback. You keep discovering great finds and the last great find gets shoved to the corner. It's teetering on the hoarder edge...

crown vintage peep toe wedge

The next couple of weeks are going to be hectic. I'm trying to stick to my schedule because it's comforting when there's total chaos all around. My wardrobe choices will be limited and so will my internet access though. I will most likely still be hanging around instagram. Visit me there.

Happy Friday and have a great weekend!


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Mimi said...

My caftans are my go to SAHM outfits. So free, easy and stylish!

I know all about those issues. Because I don't dress up that often I've found high heels and pretty dresses that I kind of pushed to the back. I need to get out more!

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