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How to Thrift Designer Treasures

One of the many great things about shopping in thrift stores is discovering new designers I would not be able to afford otherwise. This Savers treasure has a retail price of $297.  It's currently on Gilt for $87. I paid $5.  It was brand new with the tags still attached.

how to thrift designer treasures

It's not a style I would normally gravitate towards. It's a bit trendy with the hi-low hem and sheer panel plus all that skin exposure! It was a great price so I figured I would do some thriftanista matchmaking. Months go by and I didn't find anyone.

I needed a dress and I was running late for a party so I claimed this dress for myself. I literally shopped The Thriftanista Closet. It has pleats and pockets and is comfortably sexy.

How to Thrift Designer Treasures

I love this dress and I love finding designer treasure. It's a great feeling knowing you've found something expensive and you paid far less than retail. If you're on the designer hunt, remember to:

Check the quality. Use your hands and eyes to review your find. How does the fabric feel? How does the stitching look inside and out?

how to thrift designer

If you have a smartphone, you can google the name for details about the designer right there in the store. eBay is also a good source. They have listings from millions of people around the world. You can even search items that were previously listed. You are bound to find similar items.

thrift store shopping tips

Visit thrift stores in different neighborhoods. Merchandise from chain thrift stores are dispersed across stores everywhere but the designer finds are likely to stay on the shelf a little longer in an affluent neighborhood or less populated towns and suburbs.

thrift haul july 2014

Beware of fakes. They're out there. If you've checked the quality and did some online research you should be able to determine a counterfeit. For popular designer brands, eBay has several guides to help you make a decision.

Best prices are going to be in an actual thrift store, garage, or estate sales. Consignment stores, eBay, online resale are going to be higher priced as most of the hunting has already been done. You have to dig if you want the low low price!

thriftanista in the city

If you like it, buy it whether a designer find or not! Don't let the name be your only reason for purchasing. Designer clothes aren't always cute or stylish so don't let the label blind you. Trust your judgement.

finding designer clothes in a thrift store
THRIFT Hunter Dixon Rena dress - White House Black Market panther pumps

What designers have you discovered at the thrift store?

***in other news***

You ever find a stray thread hanging from your dress and only notice it after you've taken pictures? Me neither.



Style4LessVegas said...

Love the dress, but REALLY love the shoes! A Dolce & Gabbana top was the find that started me down my thrifting path...

Ashleigh said...

Ow OW OW! That is seriously cute on you. I love the color and the shoes.

Kenzie @ Life According to Kenz said...

I love love love the subtle high low thing going on here! That dress was made for you :)

Unknown said...

What a great find! I love that dress! It is so pretty on you. I don't enjoy the hunt so I rarely go to thrift stores but I love seeing what other people find there!

Nicole to the Nines

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