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{The Thriftanista Closet} Style Capsule #2

The bad thing about shopping for The Thriftanista Closet is that I find stylish goodies that I want to keep for myself. My closet is getting pretty stuffed and I seriously need to scale back. There's no way I'm letting my Goodwill birthday discount coupon go to waste though. I visited my favorite Northbrook store and picked this Akira ruffled dress. 

the thriftanista closet

I love everything about it except for the neckline. It has ruffles and an elastic waist (my fav). The pink and green color combo is light and summery. That straight cut across the top is awkward on my body and all of that arm exposure just isn't comfortable for me. It would have helped if I had remembered to adjust the straps a bit. Nah. I walked around all day with this beautiful dress unflatteringly saggy up top.

casual sahm style

My solution? A jean jacket and this is not one of those coolish Chicago days. It's friggin' hot in the city! I kept my jacket on most of the day. I thought of strap adjustment at the end of the day. Womp. Womp.

ruffled summer day dress

Jean jackets have been a white whale for me in the past. I could not find the perfect one at a good price. So glad to have found this one. I am absolutely positively in love with it and will have it forever. I think. Unless my fashion fickle has other plans. So far, it doesn't. 

It's the perfect coverup. A little hot on the warm, sunny days but I didn't feel weighted down or inappropriately dressed like I would have throwing a sweater over it. 

casual day dress

I don't like covering this one though. It's adorable and all of the details should be seen. Even though I'm coveting this little cutie for myself, I think the dress would look better on some other thriftanista. If this is your style, you'll find it over in The Thriftanista Closet.

spaghetti strap dress

How's your summer thrifting going? What styles are you coveting?

pink summer dress
THRIFT Gap jean jacket - Akira dress - Foster Grant Sunglasses GIFT Steve Madden sandals



Unknown said...

I love that dress! Simple but elegant but you could dress it up or wear it to a casual event. Love it!

Unknown said...

Super cute and comfy chic. That lip color is oh so fab!!!!!!!! xoxo

Whitney 'Nic' James said...

Really cute and I love that jean jacket. I had one that I thought was perfect, but now I "need" a more perfect one, lol. Cute dress too!

Ashleigh said...

I love the pretty color on you. I know how you feel about straight across cut tops. Maybe next time cover up with a denim vest?
Jean jackets are my thrift weakness! I own four in different washes. I couldn't find a denim vest that I loved thrifting and yesterday found another denim jacket, so perfect! I already own so many that I bought it anyway (1/2 off day) and cur the sleeves off at the seam. Now I have a perfect denim vest!
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FabEllis said...

Very cute! Love those sandals.

14th Street Vintage said...

Pretty dress! I'd keep it!

Sonya Kendall said...

Cute dress! I love ruffles. Your jean jacket looks great with your ruffle dress.

Saving Everyday With Sonya K

Terri. said...

I love the look! It is super cute!

Unknown said...

Great find! I didn't know Goodwill offers birthday discounts?! I have been on the hunt for a denim trucker jacket as well...but I recently thrifted a denim utilitarian style jacket which I love!

Shannon said...

The is a cute little outfit. I love Goodwill!

Unknown said...

I love love this dress on you so colourful... ;) Isn't the thrift shop amazing?

melisa said...

We go "goodwill hunting" as we call it, regularly. My husband has a list of things that we always look for that he collects, or for parts to help him create things. There are many treasures to be found there.

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