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Orange is the New Black

Orange is a popular color this season. It can be a hard color to wear though. You can't really wear it subtly. It's orange. It's going to pop!  For me, the challenge is wearing without black or white (the easy route) as it's very Halloween chic (if there is such a thing). 

Today's look is one color away from being a candy corn.

merona orange polka dot dress

However, orange is a very flattering color for me. My skin loves it. So much so, I ignored my "no thrift store Target" rule when I spotted (tee hee) this orange and yellow polka dot dream at Savers. I had to have it even though it was probably the same price at Tarjay. Plus, there are pockets and an elastic waist too. This is my favorite kind of dress when I want to be casually stylish.

orange dress outfit ideas

I went with a color pairing of yellow and gold. A yellow necklace to match the polka dots in the dress. Then I tried electric blue sandals on my feet. Nope. I thought leopard print flats were my next move but I found the gold sandals first. 

orange is the new black

I thrifted them last year and forgot about them. I also forgot that they are a half size too small. They are teetering on the very edge of toes meeting concrete. Not a good look. Therefore, all toe shots have been removed.

target style

Btw, I am a new fan of Orange is the New Black on Netflix. I watched all of Season 1 in 3 days and I'm now listening to the Audible memoir while I wait for Season 2 to start.

In the book, Piper's friend sends her a newspaper clipping featuring women wearing orange. Her friend included a message saying all of New York wearing Orange (prison jumpsuit) in solidarity while Piper was behind bars. 

I wear it because it's a great color but I cannot wait for more Orange is the New Black!

savers thrift find
THRIFT Target Merona dress - Diane von Furstenberg sandals - vintage necklace

Is orange working for you or against you? Will you be watching the new season of Orange is the New Black?  

wearing orange and gold


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14th Street Vintage said...

Cute dress!

Thrift and Boast said...

Nice dress, i love when dresses have pockets and the style is perfect as you can dress it up or down. Good Choice. I laughed when you talked about pairing orange with things because black does look halloween-esque...

Ashleigh said...

I don't have enough orange because it can look Halloween-y. I definitely love it, and I will try it with yellow next time!

Sonya Kendall said...

Cute!!! I love dresses with pockets too!

Saving Everyday With Sonya K

Mo said...

Nice dress and orange does look good with your skin tone. :-)


LaToya said...

Cute! I don't think I have any orange, bit it is beautiful on dark skin.

Dina's Days said...

I love orange! Looks great on you. Me and elastic waists do not get along and I hate it because there are so many cute dresses with elastic waists. You look fantastic!

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