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3 Ways to Glam Up Without Heels

I don't feel like I'm "killing it" in a dress unless I'm wearing heels. A high heeled pump make stumpy legs look longer and leaner. It's more pulled together. However, I am quick to ditch my beliefs and even the hangups for the sake of practicality and comfort most of the time.

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On vacation, I like to laze about sightsee and do touristy things . If I'm worrying about baby toe squish pain, I can't focus on my new surroundings. Also, I am not that mom that can run around all day in heels. My feet are temperamental and so are preschoolers. I may be required to carry the babes at anytime. It would be like weightlifting in heels. I do not have that kind of stamina or balance. Likely to tip right over.

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3 Ways to Glam Up Without Heels

Bold accessories

Since I ditched the heels or whether left them at home , I glam'd up my look with my big old orange sunhat. One of the greatest things about cutting my hair is now I can wear hats. I lugged it all the way here because I was so frantic about how great it fits on my head now.

ways to glam up vacation

Leg show

I wore a short dress that gives the illusion of longer legs. I don't like to bash them because having legs is awesome and that automatically makes them beautiful but...my legs are quite stumpy. I like to elongate them and raising the hemline does the trick.

trina designer trina turk dress

Nail Art

Nail polish is an inexpensive glam trick. Fresh paint provides a nice focal point. I recommend nail stickers for traveling. They're compact and no risk of bottle breaking in your luggage. My nail polish gave up after day one of traveling. I picked up these colorful tribal nail stickers during a Walmart run since I was also buying nail polish remover pads.

kiss tribal nail stickers

How do you glam up on vacation?

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Whitney 'Nic' James said...

Great tips, and I love this look. The sandals are my fave! I do the nail art and bold accessories to glam up on vaca. It's simple and quick!


K. Elizabeth @ YUMMommy said...

Accessories are definitely my favorite way to glam up when I'm vacation. If I'm wearing flats, I tend to go for ones that have lots of detailing like studs.

Object of Maya*ffection said...

That dress is FABULOUS!!! LOVE it!! Jewelry in layers ALWAYS glams it up!!

Ashleigh said...

I'm a BUM on vacation! I pack one "nice outfit" and everything else is a sundress and wedges.

Shon said...

I have been off the grid lately and wanted to stop by. You look great, love the new do'! I think you are killing it in this dress, simple and pulled together at the same time.
Happy Summer!


Shugo said...

I thought the post meant high heels, but it's wasn't. Didn't think glamming up heels can mean by what you actually wear. I thought the shoes, heels, etc you wear will make you look more glamorous. You proved me wrong! Loving the dress!!!

Terri. said...

Great tips. Thank you for sharing.

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