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10 Questions for a Thriftanista - Natasha B.

Happy Friday! Today's featured Thriftanista is Ms. Natasha B of Fashionably Fab. This is truly a treat because I absolutely love her thrift style, her diy style, and her overall fashion. She is definitely fashionably fab and always impeccably dressed. You are going to love her thrift finds! Sidenote: She's met Project Runway's Tim Gunn. How cool is that?

Name: Natasha B
Location: Tampa, FL

Favorite places to shop? Etsy.com

What are some of your favorite finds? Vintage Jewelry like brooches and pins. Designer handbags and vintage dresses and pussy bow blouses. Oh and sequin everything!

How would you describe your style? A perfect mix of vintage mod, sophisticated chic and urban.

10 minutes to shop what aisle do you run to? The clearance aisle.

How much of your closet is thrifted? 35%

Why do you thrift? I'm a budget fashionista and I love scoring fabulous finds at a fraction of the cost. Not to mention high-end designer brands for the low. It's a great way for vintage lovers like myself to score awesome vintage one-of-a-kinds.

Do you have a thrifting budget? My thrifting budget is the same as a retail budget. So what I will not spend in retail, I'm not willing to spend thrifting of consignment shopping.

What's your thrifting "white whale"? True gems like vintage designer handbags.

Do you have thrift tips you'd like to share? Yes. Keep an open mind. You can find some awesome finds in the least expected places.

Where can we see more of your amazing finds? You can check out my blog where I rock many of my thrift/consignment finds in my OOTD style posts on fashionablyfab.com.

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Madam Too Much said...

I Love Natasha's style and follow her blog. She rocks each and every outfit and she sews too. . .

Mo said...

Natasha has great style! :-)


Unknown said...

Natasha has such chic style! I love her! Great feature!

xo, Kenya

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