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{Swag} Retail Therapy with Stitch Fix

When I originally viewed the Stitch Fix Klout perk, I didn't think it was for me. Basically it was $20 savings off of a box of clothes. The stylist fee is $20 so the "perk" is trying on clothes at home. Not much a perk in my eyes. After all, one of my last Klout perks was an absolutely FREE Darby Smart box. 

I received so many compliments on the orange cowl neck dress, I thought I'd share more about it and the other goodies in my Stitch Fix.

retail therapy stitch fix

sitch fix subscription stylist

Stitch Fix is a monthly subscription stylist service. You answer a few questions about your style and voila! (approximately a month later) -- a box of handpicked retail therapy arrives at your door.

Initial Thoughts

Overall, I thought everything was cute but not really my style.  My style is eclectic but nothing stood out as something I would pick out for myself. There were a lot of light colors and pastels which doesn't really match my mom on the go / playground / in the kitchen lifestyle.

wearing spring pastels

The Try On

  • I was really surprised by how well everything fit even though the brands were all different. 
  • The layered chain necklace looked nice with all of the pieces and it was my second most liked piece. 
  • First being the cowl neck dress and the only purchase I made. 
  • I feel like the stylist dropped the ball on the colorblocked sleeveless blouse. I don't like to wear sleeveless tops because of a fat arm issue which I noted in my questionnaire. The top was really cute though with an exposed gold zipper in back.
  • The french terry asymmetrical jacket was a good choice as I have a deep desire for a leather moto jackets. The 3/4 length sleeve was a plus too for my shorter length arms.
  • I was split on the skinny jeans with a low rise. I liked the fit. Too long but that's not unusual. They were very stretchy and covered the butt. However, the  color was too light and the fabric was too thin to make them work for me. 
fitted dress ideas

The Good

The box arrived a few days earlier than the estimated 1 month. The sizes were on point. Everything was stylish and on trend.  The style cards give you inspiration on how to incorporate the pieces into your existing wardrobe. Great way to mix it up and get out of a style rut. Significant discount if you purchase the entire box.

The Bad

The negative aspects of the Stitch Fix were cost and quality. As you know, I spend a lot of time in thrift stores so I had a bit of sticker shock looking at the prices which may very well be reasonable for someone else. I ended up spending $38 after the Klout perk discount.

Quality was another issue for me. While the seams were nice and everything was well made, the fabric quality was not very good for the price. Again, I could be thinking with my thrift brain but there was a lot of rayon polyester blending going on.

Are you a Stitch Fix fan? 

stitch fix shopping service

***in other news***

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FabEllis said...

I actually was wondering about this Klout perk myself. I chose to skip it since most of the Klout perks are 100% free. I'm glad you posted this because regardless, I was wondering how it worked! All of the pieces look great on you but you know how they feel and look in person. That dress is FIRE on you though! You look amazing in it!

Ashleigh said...

What is Klout? Anyway, it's too bad about the sleeveless top, the color looks great on you! I think you should stick with thrifting. The pieces were a little too cookie-cutter for Troy. You = pizazz. The dress was very good though.

Shon said...

I'm with you as I have seen this line on other blogs and I can't get with the prices. The pieces seem very chic and the dress well....Winner!!

Antionette Blake said...

These items are great, but like you, I find it hard to pay full retail price for any clothing.

Unknown said...

Someone told me about this company the other day! You're making me want to click that link. Yep, I'ma click it RIGHT NOW!

BTW, you look to die for in that orange dress! #HiFive #GdLknGirl!


BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

That jacket is too too cute!

Ellen aka Ellie said...

Those pants appear to be paper thin...

ShanaEmily said...

Love it!!!

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