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{SAHM Style} Fancy Casual

SAHM style got a a little fancy. The weather warmed up and I didn't want to wear the standard mom casual jeans. It's still a little chilly on the legs though. No socks but I am wearing leggings underneath the skirt. 

sahm style fancy casual

My look is comprised of 3 pieces of thrift gold. You know the ones. It's so absolutely perfect you cannot believe someone would donate it.

thrifted outfit blog

Denim / Jean Jacket

My quest for the perfect jean jacket has come to an end. This is it. It fits well on me. The sleeves aren't super long on the petite length arms. It's going to look better and better as the years go on. I've found others over the years but none are as perfect as this one. Of course, it's originally from the Gap. They do great things with denim. Plan on seeing this one a lot. 

thriftanista in the city

Vintage Maxi Skirt

I found it at Salvation Army on the same day as the Gap jacket. It has that wow factor for me. It's so vintage. The bright colors and shape. I wasn't sure I could do too much with it. I just knew I wanted it! It's really long so it won't fit in well at the playground. I have to hold it up when I'm going up and down stairs. Near wipeout on the hardwood steps the first time I wore it. My heel caught in the hem. My life flashed before my eyes!

wearing vintage maxi skirt

Cow Print Blouse

Not just cow print but gold buttons with a figure flattering cut and stitching. Mandarin collar and a "gaposis" fix! I don't know if it was designed that way or if it was altered but the offending button has an extra long, reinforced button hole stitch that keeps it from exposing my bra. Whoever did the stitch is an absolute genius. I could tell it was quality when I examined it at the store turns out Bill Haire was a well known sportswear designer in the 70s and 80s. 

Have you scored thrift gold lately? How do you fancy up your casual?
 how to wear maxi skirt
THRIFT vintage sunglasses - bangles - Gap jean jacket - vintage Bill Haire cow print shirt - vintage maxi skirt - Gap ballet flats - North Face leggings (not seen) GIFT Stella & Dot bangle - Ghanian leather bracelet  RETAIL Peonia Handmade swarovski crystal earrings

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FabEllis said...

I love this so much! Fierce!

Unknown said...


Iriemade said...

I'm going to be rocking this style ASAP. I hit up Ebay for some jean jackets to go with my maxi's.

Ashleigh said...

This is perfect indeed. I'm very jealous of your blouse. The only thing I've thrifted recently were a perfect pair of NWT cognac leather Banana Republic wedge heel sandals. Other than that it's been a bust at our thrift stores recently. BOOOOO.

Katie | FashionFrugality.com said...

Absolutely ADORE this skirt! What a fabulous find! Love this entire outfit. :)

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