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Good Earth Beauty Lip Scrub + Giveaway

I received a guiltless ice cream scented trio of lip scrubs to review -- strawberry, chocolate, and vanilla. Every night I hear "Mommy, can you give me a lip scrub?" Violet is smitten with my Good Earth Beauty lip scrub.  Me thinks she's accidentally on purpose nibbling on a sugar crystal or two. 

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Good Earth Beauty is an online beauty shop that only carries natural and organic products that are not tested on animals. Products are chosen and personally tested by the staff and they have everything you could possibly need for bath and body including soaps, moisturizers and even makeup.

good earth beauty lip scrub

First Impression

As a DIY'er, my initial reaction was I can whip this stuff up in my kitchen. Wrong, I can't. You know why? I'm not likely to make time for it. In theory it sounds like a good idea but a better idea is to go ahead and place an order and have it shipped to me beautifully packaged and smelling delicious.

In addition to lip scrubs, I was also sent Unscented Body Balm. It smells like chocolate as cocoa butter is the main ingredient. No fragrance added. It's great for extra dry, chapped skin. Yep, that's us trying to recover from a long, hard winter.

how to exfoliate lips

Lip Exfoliation Experimentation

I may or may not have googled exfoliate lips for a better application method than the obvious. Don't want to waste any of the yummy sugar. Turns out, it's better to just go for. Grab a pinch. Slather it on, baby. Rub it in good. Wipe it off. That works.

Afterwords, the end of day chaps from my lipstick was sloughed off and my lips were soft and smooth. I finished up with the body balm which can be used on the entire body.

treating dry skin with good earth beauty body balm


All natural and some organic ingredients at a fair price. The lip scrubs are $6.99 and the body balm is $10.50.

Everything smells great but not heavily perfumed. Just yummy. 

There are other flavor varieties available too.

Great gift idea. Mother's Day is just around the corner. Hint. Hint. Just in case V is reading. Good Earth Beauty offers gift certificates, gift wrapping and gift baskets.

Free US shipping!!!


The lips scrubs are perfection. The body balm was too hard for a complete body application. Likely due to being all natural (a good thing). It will probably smooth easier once the weather warms up or maybe I can just put the tin next to the heat vents which are still pushing away winter's chill. 

You may want to eat ice cream and cake after.

natural beauty products at good earth beauty


Good Earth Beauty is generously sponsoring a giveaway for readers of Thriftanista in the City and fans of Good Earth Beauty. You will receive the exact same products I received. It's a US only giveaway and will close on May 5th. There's an easy (one click) entry and a few extra entries. Good Luck!

How do you exfoliate your lips?

natural ice cream sugar lip scrub
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Ashleigh said...

I usually snag a sugar and honey packet from our cafe at work and mix it together when we are slow. However it is MESSY! Better to have someone else mix it and a little container for it!

Deborah Wellenstein said...

I don't think I have ever exfoliated my lips.

Unknown said...

Would love to try this!

Ogitchida Kwe's Book Blog said...

I do not think that I have ever exfoliated my lips either. I am interested in trying something new, maybe introducing my sister to it as well! Hope I get the opportunity to win this time!

Unknown said...

I exfoliate with a product from Julep but it doesn't taste as good as this sounds!

1stopmom said...

I have never exfoliated my lips but I want to start!

Unknown said...

I exfoliated my lips with a BeautiControl product once and loved it! I exfoliate my skin everyday

yellowlabs said...

I really do not exfoliate my lips but would like to.

Donna said...

I haven't ever exfoliated my lips

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