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Cottonelle Kentucky Derby: May the Best Horse (or Hat) Win!

Many thanks to Cottonelle for sponsoring today's post, and keeping my bum clean!

Now that I've over shared, let's move on to a more fun topic. I find Kentucky Derby fashion really interesting. The matchy-matchy colors, big hats, and white gloves are right up my fashion alley *swoon*.

Pretty Woman was on the other night. I saw outfits in the derby scene (just say no to bandage dresses with thigh high stockings) that I would wear today. Trends recycle and so do I!

cottonelle kentucky derby, pretty woman, #sp #letstalkbums

If I were at the Kentucky Derby I would wear a fascinator* because my head hair is too big for most hats. I would let my big flashy headpiece take front and center. Naturally I would have to match it to something and it would be my awesome magenta pumps. I'd rock them with a white dress for a clean, fresh and matchy look.

let's talk about your bum #sp #letstalkbums

Cottonelle at the Races

I'd also wear my confidence because it really is the best accessory you can have at the Derby and everyday. Staying fresh and clean throughout the day builds on that confidence.

Cottonelle Clean Care toilet paper and Fresh Care flushable cleansing cloths are designed to work together for that fresh feeling that matches your outer appearance. The cleansing cloths feature SafeFlush Technology, so they not only offer you a confident clean but also start to break down immediately after flushing.

Cottonelle will be at the races and not just keeping bums clean.

kentucky derby fashion #sp #letstalkbums

The Clean Room in the Green Room

Major events call for celebrity red carpet appearances, right? Before the celebs hit the red carpet, they will mingle and relax in the green room. Cottonelle will be on-hand in what they’re dubbing the “Clean Room” with refreshments, a hair and makeup touch-up/refresh station plus an opportunity to chat with Cherry for a sneak peek in side the Derby segment that will appear on daytime talk show, "Bethenny."

kentucky-derby #sp #letstalkbums

Terrance Bathroom

Between day drinking and betting, inevitably there will be a trip or two to the bathroom. Cottonelle is upgrading the bathroom experience by providing Cottonelle TP and flushable cleansing cloths across the bathrooms giving attendees the opportunity to stay clean and fresh while at the race.

great finish sweepstakes #sp #letstalkbums

Cottonelle Great Finish Sweeps

If you're like me and will be partying it up in someone's living room in your best Derby attire, here's another way to get in on the betting.

The Great Finish Sweepstakes is a giveaway that will reward Americans with a year supply of Cottonelle products should the No. 1 and No. 2 positioned racehorses place in that order during the Kentucky Derby.

The first 15,000 entrants to sign up will be awarded a year’s supply of Cottonelle toilet paper and flushable cleansing cloths if the outcome aligns. It's not a million dollars but everyone needs tp, am I right?

How to Enter:

1. Visit Cottonelle online.
2. Click on the Cottonelle Great Finish Giveaway
3. Click on "Sign up now"
4. Register for the Cottonelle Updates website
5. Done! 

big hats at the kentucky derby #sp #letstalkbums
THRIFT vintage earrings GIFT Calypso St. Barth linen wrap dress RETAIL Dolce Vita magenta pumps - Charming Charlie bracelet DIY feather fascinator*

What does your Kentucky Derby outfit look like?

*Fascinator tutorial coming soon so you too can be Kentucky Derby ready!

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Ashleigh said...

Free TP for a year? Hell yeah! Love your fascinator!

Anonymous said...

Very cute look for you!

Antionette Blake said...

I love Contonelle products - will definitely sign up - thanks! Stopped by from ColorBlind.

14th Street Vintage said...

Super cute!

Unknown said...

Oh gosh.... you definitely look derby ready!!! You look so gorgeous! Love the fascinator!

xo, Kenya

Unknown said...

Stopping by from the ColorBlindBlog!

That fascinator looks great on your Troy! I like your choice of shoes as well. I dream of wearing one someday especially when the horse race season starts or when I stumble upon a copy of Hello UK magazine. Living in Sacramento, it will most likely not going to happen but who knows? I might be invited to a costume party with a derby theme and get to wear a cool hat or fascinator.

P.S. Have you added your blog to the "I’m a Miss/Mrs Looking Good Blog Directory"? Pls. visit my blog and add your URL, it's in one of my menus. Thanks!

Yona Williams said...

Ohhhhh - that hat is toooo cute. Great job! Looks great with your outfit too.

Lucero De La Tierra said...

Love the look. Very chic and sassy. I also like your remote for taking pics. What kinds of setup do you have for taking photos?

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