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Cheap Wireless Plan for Non-Techie Moms

I purchased this Mother's Day gift thanks to a compensated social shopper amplification for #CollectiveBias and #FamilyMobile. Walmart has the cheapest wireless plan available for families which is I why I picked up a Nokia Lumia 521 while stocking up on toiletries.

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Mother's Day and the Non-Techie Mom aka My Mommy

My mom is not tech savvy at all. Our family was last on the block to have a microwave and a VCR. She would still be operating a 110 camera if she could find the film for it. She switched over to cds about 5 years ago. Digital download? Forgetaboutit.  My mom is retired. Who has the time to keep with all that technology stuff?

As for cell phones, she had the humongous flip phone far longer than was necessary. She has since switched over to the smartphone side with an expensive contract plan.

walmart family mobile #familymobile #shop

When I visited her in Vegas, I video chatted with Violet and wanted to show my mom how easy it was to do. However, we ran into problems as she has forgotten passwords to her unused email account, her wifi, and her plan automatically charges if you go over your allotted data.

walmarty best plans for non tech moms #familymobile #shop

All she'd really like to do is make and receive calls and see her daughters and rapidly growing grandchildren. As a gift this Mother's Day, I'll be sending her a "preloaded" phone with everything she needs to stay connected.

I've already downloaded the apps she'll need. Set up accounts in my name so I'll have her commonly forgotten passwords. I've added the phone numbers of her daughters and grandchildren. Plus, added a surprise video message to the photo album.

nokia lumia 521 #familymobile #shop

Why Walmart Family Mobile is the perfect cheap wireless plan for a non-techie mom

Family Mobile is the best and cheapest way to stay connected with loved ones and perfect for the non-techie as the phones are fairly inexpensive and the service is low cost and no contract.

Easy to stay connected My mom can call V. V can call her. It's a simple one button communication to video chat. Just click the face of the loved one you want to talk to.
Affordable Adding another line to my Family Mobile plan drops the price making each line $34.88 for unlimited talk, text, data / web. Also, no worry of overage charges!
Postpaid services Since it's month to month billing, I can lower the payment to talk and text only if it turns out she isn't going to use the data. We're not locked into a contract either.
Cheap smartphones The Nokia Lumia 521 was $99.98 and is sleek (my mom likes pizzazz just as much as I do) with all the smartphone features she needs.

unlimited talk text walmart #familymobile #shop

Is your mom tech savvy?

cheapest wireless plan #familymobile #shop


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Ashleigh said...

Very nice! This is an incredibly thoughtful, sweet gift. My Mom is 44, so she's definitely tech-savvy, but my Granny definitely needs help in that department. I've never thought about just downloading everything she needs for her.

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

My mom had an iPhone before I had a smart phone. She's definitely up on the technology of today. But if she knew there was an affordable plan like WFM I'm sure she'd want to switch providers! #client

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