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{The Thriftanista Closet} Style Capsule #1

I haven't officially opened my online thrift store, The Thriftanista Closet. I'm still moving things around but it is up and running! One of the collections I'm starting is a Style Capsule where I will add complete looks that highlight some of my favorite fashion trends like animal prints, elastic waist, and other oddities that somewhat identify my style. 

I will likely turn this into a series of posts listing the item, the price, and a few details about why I have them in my closet and why it could work in yours. I hope you will check them out and click the links to go directly to the item.

Thriftanista Style Capsule #1

Pencey Animal Print Jacket ($40)

I love animal print with all of my heart. When I spotted (teehee) this blazer, I knew it was for me and for me only. No plans of selling but then I remembered all the other garments I said the same thing about. It's for sale unless I change my mind....

This jacket has the nerve to have leopard print and a leather ruffled tier in back too. Yeah definitely my style. Is it yours? It's a size 8 and it's in perfect condition. 

vintage Liz Claiborne blouse ($7)

A blouse with absolutely amazing fuchsia color and a decorative neck button just in case you want to rock it buttoned all the way to the top! It's a size 4 and in perfect condition.

D.F.A. New York cropped trouser jeans ($5)

I love that these jeans don't look like jeans. More trouser like with tuxedo style stitching on the sides and cute slanted pockets.  The fabric is lightweight and soft. They are too big for me (I have a safety pin keeping them in place) but I've continued to hold on to them because it's hard to find cropped length for short legs. They're a size 10 in good condition. Shows some signs of wear but no rips or stains. 

I bought this clutch because it reminds me of my other Made in India clutch. I totally don't need 2 so I'm passing this one on. It's a medium sized bag that can hold the essentials phone, keys and wallet. Small pin sized hole in front all the way through to the back. Other than that it's perfect. 

***in other news***

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Unknown said...

Your jeans are everything! I need a pair like these for the spring…if it every gets here. Oh and I'll need a size 6 in your shop..thanks! LOL

Ashleigh said...

That ruffle in the back is killer. Unfortunately I'm a 12.

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