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{Modern Vintage} Polyester Dream

Hi! My name is Troy and I'm addicted to vintage polyester. I'm normally a fan of high quality fabrics but there's just something about vintage poly.  It is not a freedom fabric. It's not fondle worthy (shout out to the silk kimono) but it sure does look pretty AND THE SAME after every wash.

modern vintage polyester dream

The Vintage

When I first approached this 80s blazer in the thrift store, I thought it really did have a lace overlay. Nope. It's just a textured, mock lace. It's other attributes being the neon purple / black combo and a sleeve length perfect for short arms.

vintage modern thrift

I do love to wear blazers but a lot of them are far too structured for the SAHM life. This one is really easy to move around in. Let's not forget, polyester doesn't wrinkle. Perfection all day and for many years to come.


My purple polyester dream also matches my orchid earrings. A wonderful estate sale find that has given me such an appreciation for white jewelry. It's very romantic and delicate. Don't you think?

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The Modern

I accented my vintage with modern pieces. Well, the pants are a few years old but they're a combination of 2 current trends - leggings and cargo pants. Balanced the modern and the vintage with the addition of the futuristic silver pumps.

silver pumps with christopher kon bag

The polyester dream hides the hole in the armpit of my pullover sweater. I am a very bad diy'er. I had this sweater in my mend pile for a while. I think I've accepted that it ain't going to happen.

Then there's the bag. A fairly recent thrift find that's a 3 in one bag. It can be worn crossbody, as a backpack, and as a shoulder bag which is my personal favorite. It was an expensive thrift find at $17. I guess the pricing is for each bag you're getting.

Are you a fan of vintage polyester?

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THRIFT Devon "floral lace" 80s blazer - vintage orchid earrings - vintage resin ring - J. Crew sweater - Christopher Kon convertible bag RETAIL Express cargo leggings GIFT JustFab silver pumps

***in other news***

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14th Street Vintage said...

You know they say that stuff's got chemicals in it that can seep through your skin and into your nervous system...thus the addiction. ;0)

Seriously, I really like the look. Cuteness.

Ashleigh said...

LOVE! I love the up do, and the pants fit you perfectly/are amazing on you.

Kelsey Bang said...

oh my goodness I LOVE YOUR HAIR! its so dang cute! and you look amazing in purple! this look is so cute and chic! that blazer has such a fun print and love it with those silver heels! you rocked this look!


Whitney 'Nic' James said...

Fabulous! I love the hair, the blazer, the shoes...everything! Great look!


Unknown said...

Gorgeous blazer! And your hair is so cute! Love it!

xo, Kenya

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