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{Tax Refund Treat} Cheap Wireless Plan

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I am no stranger to treating myself. In fact, I treat myself everyday. Most of the time it doesn't involve a lot of money, maybe a nap when V naps or sneaking a cookie with my morning coffee but since there was a little extra cash from a tax refund, I went on a shopping spree!

Walmart-Best-Plans #familymobile #shop #cbias

I know I'm not the only mom that feels some kind of way about  spending on myself so buying a want that is also a need alleviates the anxiety that can come from showing a little self love and taking a "momcation".  That's what I call the mini getaway I take to unwind from the day to day activities of running a household, taking care of V, and organizing my business ventures. 

Last week, while V was in school, I took a 3 hour momcation!

Unlimited Talk Text and Data/Web #familymobile #shop #cbias

First leg of my trip involved getting my mobile life together.  I bought a cell phone with unlimited talk text and data/web. My old phone suffered from a horrible case of battery drain and I had to keep it plugged in most of the time. It was time to find a new phone and I was looking for a service that would give me the most bang for my little bucks.

I use my cell phone to keep up  with E and V when we're not together and to keep up with my social media family! Thanks to Walmart Family Mobile I was able to buy a Samsung Galaxy Exhibit smart phone for under $100 and and the no contract plan is only $39.99 / month. One of the best things about purchasing an android is that it's linked to my Google account so the calendar, pictures, and contacts from my old phone are already on the new one.

cheap wireless plans #familymobile #shop #cbias

To further treat myself,  I bought  a few accessories for my mobile errand running life.

I bought a power mount for the car and portable power for my purse. The power mount will help me keep my eyes on the road by positioning my phone higher up when I'm using GPS. Plus, I can also charge my phone. The portable power is great for my purse when I'm having a higher than high usage day live tweeting or instagramming goings on in the city.

My favorite apps require plenty of power and easy viewing from the dashboard. Google Maps is usually open when I set out for the day. I have a very poor sense of direction and I find it comforting to have a voice shouting out where I should be.

Lowest Priced Unlimited Plans #familymobile #shop #cbias

I also enjoy listening to chicklit  audio books while riding around so I immediately downloaded two of my favorite apps -- Overdrive and Audible. I love how easy it was to download the app and my digital books and pickup where I left off on my old phone.

samsung smart phone under $100 #familymobile #shop #cbias

I also picked up a micro SDHC card because I take a lot of pictures! Have you seen my instagram feed? Yeah and that's not even a third of the pics on my phone.

After my Walmart haul, I squeezed in a little time for the thrift store. What's a treat without a little thrift shopping? With my new phone, I was able to scope out a thrift store nearby. I don't know what I would do without the Google Maps app. It's the perfect shopping enabler. I fell in love and bought a fun, brightly colored vintage maxi skirt. It's perfect for the next momcation!

vintage maxi skirt #familymobile #shop #cbias

Whether it's taking a nap, eating a morning cookie,  or the ultimate  "momcation" -- a trip to the store without the wee one (s), find a way to treat yourself everyday. If you received a tax refund this year and are looking for a new mobile service, go ahead and give Walmart #FamilyMobile a try. It's a great plan with a super low price.

How do you treat yourself? 



tammilee said...

Love the back up charger! What a great idea!

Ashleigh said...

I loved it when I upgraded to my smart phone! Moms need a little splurge now and then!

Unknown said...

A morning cookie with my coffee sounds so good right now! What a fabulous deal on a phone and mobile plan. #client

Laila @OnlyLaila said...

That phone plan sounds WONDERFUL. I've been thinking a lot about ways to save money on my bill and that may be the answer I'm looking for. And I love "momcation". I need one! lol

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