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Wide Leg Pants Trend

Wide leg pants are on trend for Spring but they have been trending in my closet for a couple of years now when I found vintage plaid pants at Savers during a Black Friday sale. I don't wear a lot of obviously 70s clothes but the high waist just spoke to me. 

wide leg trousers trend

When I tried the pants on they did everything I wanted them to do. Lengthened my leg, accentuated my waist and made my butt look bigger than it is. Hey hey hey. They also have the added benefit of not having a super long length and they're washable. Oh 70s pants, you did that.

wearing wide leg trousers

This is my first time daring to pair the pants with anything other than black. As I was pulling clothes out of the clean laundry pile in search of something to wear, I spotted my elbow patch sweater from cheap and trendy store. I could have stuck with jeans but putting on the plaid pants was a lot more fun.

plaid pants ideas

The bright pastel colors felt very springy and perfectly matched the balmy weather and blue skies of today. The touches of grey on the elbow patches and my boots match the dirty snow and muddy puddles everywhere. Definitely not what I was going for but it happens.

how to wear plaid pants
THRIFT vintage JC Penney wide legged pants - bead necklace RETAIL Discovery elbow patch sweater - Diba wedge boots

Are you a fan of wide leg pants?

how to wear wide leg pants

***in other news***

Looking for wide leg pants?

Macy's has them in plaid.

vintage pants ideas

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Shon said...

Yes! This is perfection. I love the pop of Blue against the snow remnants too.
I have a couple pairs of wide legs that I refused to let go of. Good thing for me, huh?

Happy Week to you and yours!

Unknown said...

Cool pants! Love this blue on you, it's gorgeous!

Tiffany Ima
Style Honestly

Iriemade said...

Baby got back in those pants. I'll take a pant that makes my heiny appear less tiny any day. Good find!

Brandy Alford said...

I am a 70's girl as well and I love elbow patches, I am having such a hard time finding them.

Ashleigh said...

Oh Troy! I am insanely jealous! It's so rare to find true, vintage gems anymore. I can always find jewelry but everything form Goodwill gets combined over by vintage boutiques who then sell them for really high prices. Pants like these have been on my thrift list for a REALLY long time, along with the perfect 70s caftan and a few other things. You look smashing.

Anonymous said...

I've normally not been a fan of wide leg pants, but after seeing a couple cute pairs (especially yours!) I'm considering giving them a try. I'm off in pursuit of the right pair for me. Well done!

Trish said...

I can't do the high waist thing, but you're rocking it! I like the whole outfit :)

Mo said...

The elbow patch sweater looks nice with the pants. Cute and thrifty!


The Kashonna Files said...

You look beautiful! I love those pants!


Cheryl K

Anonymous said...

Cute outfit and I love the color! Because I'm vertically challenged, wide-leg pants make me look even shorter. However, I love high-waist pants because they elongate my legs. They shorten the torso a bit, but the trade-off is well worth it.

Unknown said...

I love wide leg pants...I love your locs...found you via BLM follow me Friday :)

Unknown said...

Nothing screams vintage fab than some plaid wide-leg trousers. I love the color combo. Such a pretty woman. Thanks for stopping by the blog dear. Peace & Blessings.....TGIF. Sending some sunshine up to melt some of that snow. I'm sure you had enough.

Unknown said...

I love the look and I especially admire your ability to look so put together in the dead of winter. This Chicago winter got me looking ROUGH!

Dina's Days said...

Wide leg pants are my absolute favorite. They are so clean, chic, and sophisticated. The sleeves patches add the perfect touch!

Unknown said...

Those pants though! I LOVEEEEEEE bell bottoms!

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