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Thrifting, Sushi, and Day Drinking Weekend

Due to an awesomely busy weekend, I have no outfit pictures. I wore my diy sequin skirt for my mom's night out but most of the time was pretty casual in my SAHM standards. Here's a look at what I was up to. It was a perfect weekend packed with thrifting, sushi, day drinking and more!

Naturally there was thrifting.

I did some Valentine's Day thrifting on Friday. I treated myself to a  Village Discount trip while V was in school getting sugar wasted at a party. I bought small randoms for $3. The skirt was only .10 so it was basically free.

thrift haul chicago

The next day, I went to another Village Discount. I was in the mood for grimy thrift.  I went with my BFF who dropped in from ATL. It's so much fun thriting with friends. Do you agree? It's double the eyes spying good treasure. I spent $14 and found some great items including a vintage jumpsuit that I'm going to sell. I love the epaulets!

thrift store vintage jumpsuit

Saw my first theater performance of the year.

I saw a play with not 1 but 2 BFFs! I sat front and center next to GirlGetALife and LadyTerror. We saw Saturday Night / Sunday Morning at the Steppenwolf Garage Theatre. It's a very intimate space and we had great seats watching the ups and downs of the women in Miss Mary's beauty parlor and boarding house in 1945 Memphis.

saturday night sunday morning at steppenwolf

Partially satiated a sushi craving.

I had the most amazing sushi of my life! I haven't ventured into Agami in a long time and had forgotten just how good everything is! We ate several dishes but the tuna tartare and the garlic delight roll rocked my world. I seriously want to eat these everyday.

agami sushi chicago
photo credit: @girlgetalife

Instead of cooking, I brunched out all weekend.

I ate at 2 of the best Chicago spots for brunch -- The Bongo Room and Tweet. I'm a total foodie and I love that some of the best restaurants are right in my neighborhood.

chicago best brunch

Spent a little time day drinking.

Day drinking becomes a thing when you have a guest visiting. In addition to juicy cocktails with brunch, I also shared my The Naked Grape box with friend and former roommate. Box wine has come a long way and I was happy to share my favorite box o' pinot grigio.

the naked grape boxwine

Saw a beautiful bond being formed.

V hasn't seen my best gal pal in over a year but instantly bonded with her. I loved watching Violet fall in love with our family and friends. She's come a long way since their first meetings.

friends bonding

How was your weekend?

***in other news*** 

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Unknown said...

Wow looks like you had a great weekend!!! Wish I was with you during the thrifting lol!!

Unknown said...

dont sell the jumpsuit..they are HOT for spring and you look fabulous in it!

Antionette Blake said...

Great weekend post - mine was a little bit more subdued but it was with the family so that's all that matters! Hopped over from ColorBlindBlog - happy Hump Day Wednesday.

Ashleigh said...

That sounds relaxing and fantastic!

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