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{Swag} Iman Lip Affair Kit

As an overall lover of free stuff (who isn't?), I was excited to receive Iman's Lip Affair Kit from my gal pal Girl Get A Life. She went to an advance screening of the movie About Last Night and was kind enough to gift me her swag since I couldn't make it to the screening. Awwww, it's good to have friends.

iman lip affair kit

I have to admit. I thought it was an eye shadow palette and just knew it was going to be filled with cheap looking metallic colors that one would expect in a complimentary palette. I was so wrong. A. It's a lip palette. B. It is awesome.

I've heard of Iman Cosmetics but had never used any of the products. Big mistake. Huge. The cosmetic line is known for making make-up and beauty products that compliment a myriad of skin tones.

The Lip Affair Kit comes with 5 mixable lip colors plus a lip brush and mirror.

iman cosmetics about last night

The Colors

Hot  I love orange lip color and it usually goes well with my skin tone. I liked this one a lot because it's really bright and and a little bit eccentric.

Scandalous A nice bright red. It's not brick or burgundy. It's unapologetically red.

Taboo No surprise that this is my favorite because of my purple passion. Purple lip colors tend to be too dark on me and just look like I'm wearing black lipstick. This one has some redness and it wasn't so goth looking.

Flirtatious I was most afraid of this pink lip color as it is lighter than my lips and it's not my first choice in lip colors. I like it.

Kinky Pink Sheer pink salmon color. I will need to experiment with a lip pencil. It's not a bad color it just didn't excite me like the others.

iman lipstick women of color


It's small and compact. It can fit perfectly in a small clutch or even in a pocket. There's a little hole at the edge of the palette so it can even be attached to a keychain.

The lipsticks have a faint chocolate scent. I can't smell it all on my lips which is a plus for me because I don't like heavily perfumed lipstick.

It's $5! That is an unbelievable price. The quality is so good that I was truly shocked by the cost.

The colors are very pigmented and you can build the color without it flaking up as the day goes on.

They are formulated with naturally hydrating conditioners including coconut, aloe, shea butter and vitamin E. It feels like a glossy lip balm instead of lipstick.

You can purchase full sizes of your favorite colors. Can you guess which ones I'll be purchasing? *whispers Taboo and Hot*

smile with braces and lipstick


The brush is kinda crappy. I used my fingers even though I have lip brushes. I don't like to get them dirty. Weird. I know.

It's not available in many stores so best bet for finding is online.

What's a great promotional item you received?

lipstick for african american women


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Unknown said...

"Hot" looks really...well, hot on you! I like how it picks up just the right tone in your skin. You should totally get that one!

Unknown said...

Love this. Patrice gave me her's, I've been waiting to try. Thanks for the colors! Will probably try Taboo over something else.

Iriemade said...

Ooo I love the taboo!

Daenel T. said...

I'm all about that Taboo!

I have Iman eyeshadow and blush, they're my go to when I'm in a hurry. Just pretty.

Ashleigh said...

I love the orange on you!

Elle @ (Eat.Style.Play) said...

Very pretty colors! I love the Taboo color! I love anything purple.

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