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Purple Passion

I am very grape colored today. I matched my lips to my purple dress and I did it on purpose. It's been a while since I went into purple geek mode. If you're new here and haven't already figured it out, I love the color purple. I like purple things. I named my daughter Violet. I am about that purple life.

wearing vintage coat

I'm also very 80s today in a secretary dress thrifted a couple of years ago. Elastic waist dresses are one of my favorite styles to wear. It gives me a reason to wear fun belts and they accentuate my waist. This one is also a magnificent shade of purple. I can't believe I don't wear it more often.

wool purple dress

I paired with another rarely worn favorite - a necklace from the estate sale thrift haul. The shiny, colorful globes remind me of something Mrs. Roper from Three's Company would wear with one of her ultra fab caftans. 

purple dress ideas

My last thrifted piece is the white wool short coat. The shape and look is reminiscent of 80s fur coats which I would love to put in my closet. However, I do not want to pay the cost of cleaning a thrift store fur. The wool coat will do for now.

how to wear modern vintage

As you can see, I am standing on a sheet of ice. Temperatures rose then fell on our snow coated everything creating blocks of ice all over. I only slipped once but no falls. Come on, Spring!

Who among you has a passion for purple?

dress worn with wedge boots
THRIFT vintage wool coat - vintage 80s dress - vintage necklace RETAIL Corso Como tall boots - gold studded belt

***in other news***

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wearing purple and gold



Ashleigh said...

I totally signed up for your news letter! I love this color on you Troy. My favorite color is any shade of pink.

Unknown said...

That purple dress is amazing Troy!! Love it so much and you styled it perfectly with the boots!

xo, Kenya

Unknown said...

You always look cute missy! I love the necklace especially though, it brings the whole fit together!

Shon said...

Right on! This Purple is regal and the boots add just a touch of city!
What a wonderful find! I am checking your shop out too.

ChiChi Loves said...

Yes, I love purple also. It's starting to be a color I keeping picking up every time I go shopping. I love the dress on you and the boots worked perfectly to balance it all out.

Antionette Blake said...

I too love purple, the color of royalty. Good luck with your online store.

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