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Winter Style in Summer Dress

I may have just found the perfect dress to wear for a night out in winter. It's hard to keep going about a fashionable existence when it's frigid outside. It definitely cramps my style. Valentine's Day is next month. I haven't had a date night with E in 6 months. We are long overdue for a night out sans V. Thanks to my gorgeous estate sale find, I'll be all set to go!

winer style summer dress

Winter Style in Summer Dress

Summer Dress

Pick a close fitting sheath dress or one that has a tank top bodice. Extra bonus points for eye popping color! I started with an amazing estate sale find. I love the silk chiffon skirt. It's as light as air and flows so well when I walk.

jay godfrey silk chiffon dress


Stick with neutral colored tights for a sexy look that blends into the outfit. Feel free to double up with a lace or textured tights in the same color. Building thin layers are the way to go!

summer dress worn with tights

Platform Heels 

A platform heel elongates the leg and keeps your foot a few inches away from a cold ground. You can even get away with an inch of snow too. If the snow is mushy, stick with a faux vegan leather or suede. Those are easier to clean and usually cost less than the real thing.


Add a thin layering sweater for warmth. My sweater is a blend of wool and cashmere and is so warm but it's also trim because I certainly will not be able to tuck it in for waist definition.

thrifted cashmere blend sweater

Jacket / Blazer

Keep the chill at bay with the additional layer of a jacket or blazer that also brings some pizzazz! My vintage sequin jacket is so thick and heavy that it can be worn without a coat. A wind gust to the back feels like a summer breeze in it. Plus it has what looks like a million sequins on it all packed together. It has a ridiculous about of sparkle.

Disclaimer: I wouldn't go testing out this layered look on a below 0 day but you will stay warm with above freezing temps!

winter layers summer dress
THRIFT cashmere blend sweater - vintage earrings - vintage clutch - vintage sequin jacket - vintage bracelet - Jay Godfrey silk chiffon dress RETAIL Falke tights - Payless pumps

Do you wear summer dresses in winter? How do you stay warm?

***in other news***

The next Thrift Up! of the Thriftanista Social Club has been scheduled for March 29th. If you're local, join us. It's going to be epic!

sweater worn with summer dress



Ellen aka Ellie said...

Love that dress. I'm always hesitant to wear summer things off season because I don't want to wear them out. But in so many ways you are braver than I!

Mo said...

Cute dress and great score! :-)


Unknown said...

Oh, this is beautiful. I LOVE the dress and LOVE the way you styled it!!!

V dot said...

Love the dress! I invested in some cashmere sweaters from J Crew to throw over sleeveless dresses. Really extended my wardrobe.

Lisa R Charles said...

Love the idea. I can totally get with this. You guys look great!

Daenel T. said...

V!!!!!!!!! She kills me.

Ya look fabulous! I'm still trying to figure out what to wear. It's been so cold here, I can't stand it. That shade of blue is pretty on you.

Unknown said...

Love clothes that you can make defy weather conditions!

Shon said...

Ok, so I was ready to ooh and ahh over your killer outfit and then...BAM...V!!!!!!! She is so adorable, well of course this is not news to you.

I love this Blue and the way you paired it with sweater or sequined cardigan is genius! The skirt part has tons of twirl action too.

What's in that crockpot? I'm hungry, LOL

Chandra said...

great minds think alike as i've been doing similar things with my summer dresses to winterize them! and miss v ... i have no words!

Unknown said...

Love the color of the dress and how you styled it with the sweater and sequin blazer! Great finds! And your son is soo adorable!
Ms Dee Kay

Unknown said...

This is so cute!! Love how you styled it! Especially the tights with the pumps! The contrast is fab!

xo, Kenya

K. Elizabeth @ YUMMommy said...

V is too cute!! I certainly layer my summer and spring pieces to make them winter appropriate.

Unknown said...

Hey! Where did you get the bracelet? Nice!!

Anonymous said...

Great idea to put on a v-neck sweater with a flouncy spring dress. Thanks for the inspiration!

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