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So I Asked the Horse

Why such a long face? A little fact about me. That is my favorite  joke. I laughed so hard the first time I heard it and I still chuckle over it to this day. Get it? Horse? Long face? Anyway, the horse most certainly was not sad about these pants and neither am I. 

vintage 90s dorothy schoelen like marni

I found these lovlies at Unique Thrift and unique they are! These pants are why I enjoy thrift shopping so much. Once I galloped (haaa!) home with my purchase, I tried them on right away and was super excited to discover an extremely high waist and a partial elastic waistband too. Yee. Haw.

wearing high waist pants

I love kitschy animals in fashion. I've stayed in the acceptable zone of leopard print and went next level with wolf jewelry. I'm now out of orbit with cowboy on a horse pants and I'm okay with that.

animal print pants ideas

Because I like to reassure myself that I'm not the only kooky one out there, I sought out horse pants of recent. Turns out ASOS and Paul & Joe like horses too so I know there's a couple other people out there in similar trousers. It's not the animal lover in me that makes me want to rock them, It's definitely the randomness. How does the artist know horse print fabric is exactly what the design needs?

thrift fashion blog

What about you? Are you a yay or a neigh (last one) on horse print pants?

wearing winter layers
THRIFT Banana Republic sweater - 90s Platinum Dorothy Schoelen pants RETAIL Express blouse - Betsey Johnson ankle boots - Handmade by Camie crochet scarf

***in other news***

Linking up with the lovely ladies of Monday MingleThrifters Anonymous, and What I Wore Wednesday.

Have you seen the tiny little face pictured in my right sidebar? Violet's BFF is still missing. She was abducted by her mother in March of this year. She is the daughter of a very good friend. He's one of Violet's favorite uncles. They are our family. I would really appreciate it if you could take a look at it and share the link to her missing kid's poster. We love and miss her and would really love to have her home before the year ends. Thank you.

90s pants worn with Betsey Johnson ankle boots



Unknown said...

Perfect time to take pics!

Lisa - respect the shoes said...

What a fun print on those pants! They look like floral from afar but I like them even better that they're horses!

Kenya L Fashion Blog said...

This is SO cute! Adorable! And perfect for the weather!

xo, Kenya

Splendor said...

I can't with all that snow! Caute pants.

Marie said...

totally yes! LOVE those.
Marie @
In Our Happy Place

Kristin and Megan said...

Those boots are amazing!

Amy said...

I love the pants. I would look ridiculous, but you look great in them!

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