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Extra Small Extra Loud

Thanks to Collective Bias® and Carbon Audio for this extra small, extra loud pocket speaker sponsored post allowing me to have a dance party with my favorite girl this holiday season.

Since becoming parents, E and I have worked on creating holiday traditions for our little family. Last year we bought our first tree after spending 10 Christmases together without one. Violet decorated the lower part of the tree beautifully. I tackled the upper half. E strung the lights. We all marveled at its beauty when it was all lit up in the darkness of our living room.

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This year, I'm incorporating a new tradition. I baked cookies with my favorite girl. She loves watching me cook and is eager to help in the kitchen so I thought this was the perfect time for us to bake together. As baking is not my strong suit, I bought a roll of dough for us to experiment with. I did the cutting. Violet flattened them out with a rolling pin for the sake of using a rolling pin. When they were done, we sprinkled them with way too many sugar crystals. It's the holiday after all. 

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The "extra small extra loud" I speak of is my very portable pocket speaker (although that does somewhat describe Ms. V). It's super small with amazingly loud quality sound. There are audio drivers positioned on both sides of the speaker so there's even 360 sound no matter what room you're in.

While "baking" and waiting to eat cookies we were able to crank up some holiday music! We sang along even though we really only know the lyrics to Jingle Bells in full so basically there was lots of humming and dancing!

Our home has never been filled with so much music. We live in a duplex so our music is usually kept within the range of one room at most with sound only from our laptop or iPad. Now we can hear music on both levels.
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The speaker is very portable and light so E and I will be able to enjoy music downstairs while wrapping presents without disturbing Violet's beauty sleep upstairs. Our annual Christmas Eve party will receive a festive upgrade too piping tunes throughout the apartment as we eat and make merry.

This is indeed a great early Christmas gift for our family and I am loving it!

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If you're looking for gift giving ideas, the Carbon pocket speaker makes a great gift for the music lover, the gadget lover, or a loved one away at college and can be purchased exclusively at the Apple Store.

I have to laugh remembering the huge speakers in my friend's dorm room. Our building didn't have an elevator so speakers had to be lugged up several flights of stairs too. Times have really changed. Now all of that powerful sound can fit into a shirt pocket and hooked up within seconds via Bluetooth.

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Btw, our cookies turned out less than perfect. No worries we still ate them! I think we'll just buy cookies next year and focus our energy on learning the words to more songs and of course perfecting our dance moves.

What are some of your holiday traditions?

I am a member of the Collective Bias® Social Fabric® Community. This #shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper amplification for #cbias and Carbon #PocketBoom.

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Thien-Kim aka Kim said...

I still considered slicing refrigerated cookie dough as baking! It's the family time that's important, right? #client

Ashleigh said...

I think my husband would probably like something like this!

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