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Darby Smart Studded Clutch DIY

All the time I spend on social media does amount to something! Last month, I received the Darby Smart Studded Clutch DIY via a Klout perk. It's the perfect solution for a lazy crafter such as myself. The heart is willing but the body not so much. I usually start off totally geeked about starting a new project then I lose steam when I realize I have to go to the store to buy supplies.

diy studded clutch

That's why Darby Smart is so special. It's a complete DIY in a box. Everything you need is there. My kit included the clutch, studs, glue and instructions. While V napped, I was able to knock out a cute DIY studded clutch! 

darby smart diy studded clutch

The hard part was deciding on a pattern. Once I stopped over thinking it, I went with a simple design that I could just eyeball for even spacing -- my favorite way to measure. I dabbed a little glue to the stud and pressed it into the clutch. It was quite relaxing and once it was dry, I had a brand new bag for my collection.

diy in and a box with darby smart

If you're thinking about holiday gifts, a Darby Smart box would make a nice gift to give and it's also perfect if you're into giving diy gifts. The homemade chai tea would look great in the Holiday Jars

vintage knit skirt ideas

My absolute favorites are the Statement Stack bracelet, the Etched Champagne flutes, and the Ring Dish group DIY project. Who doesn't love to DIY with friends over a bottle of wine?

If you'd like to give Darby Smart a try, use code yaydarbylove20 at checkout for a 20% discount through December 18th. Happy DIY-ing!

studded clutch made with darby smart box
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Have you tried Darby Smart? What's your favorite Klout perk?

darby smart box

***in other news***

If you're not already familiar with Klout, it's basically a point system measuring your influence. I'm not so sure I believe in their methodology but lately I've received some fantastic perks aka free stuff! Woot! Woot! As a lover of free, it's totally worth it if you spend a chunk of time online. This was one of the best perks ever! 

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WE said...

Your DIY turned out really nice! Love your skirt as well.. Stopping by from the glamamom link up.. :)

Whitney 'Nic' James said...

Love your skirt, and the clutch is FAB!


Ashleigh said...

Your bag is awesome! I love a good DIY.

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