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Stay at Home Moms Wear Crop Tops Too

I'm wearing a sheer back crop top on what I believe to be the last hotter than hot day in Chicago for a while. It really sasses up the typical stay at home mom style du jour. Leopard print just wasn't enough.

I held the siren back with a thrift store classic -- elastic waist midi skirt and ladylike peep toe wedges.

Pretty comfortable for a day of errand running, cleaning, and folding clothes. Never a dull moment, folks. I'll spare you all the snore bore details. The most fun I had all day was wearing this electric blue skirt and the leopard print crop top.

how to style a crop top

My outfit is made up of thrift finds from this summer. All different locations. I really got it in and popped a lot of tags! From north to south, city to the suburbs I did some thrift shopping damage.

crop top ideas

The sunnies and skirt were bought at my new favorite Salvation Army. In addition to the sunnies, the skirt, the fabulous 70s dress, I also picked up a Brahmin bag and that's still not everything in that thrift haul!

wearing a crop top with a skirt

My fashion fickle will not settle down. One day I love it and the next day not so much. I cleaned my closet and had a lot of empty hangers at the beginning of summer. Now it's busting at the seams again. I think I need a 30 day fashion challenge in my life. Hmmm...Now I'm having one of my brilliant ideas *Blair Warner hair flip*. Stay tuned...

wearing leopard print crop top with cobalt blue skirt

Off to drink wine and eat large quantities of chocolate on the couch for now. Peace.

How's your closet looking? Sparse or full?

wearing leopard print with blue
THRIFT sunglasses - brass bracelets - vintage Trifari necklace - Windsor leopard print sheer crop top - Alfred Dunner skirt - Crown Vintage peep-toe pumps


My goal is to have a a collection of 50 items so I'm adding to the closet daily! Click banner below to see what's new!


Unknown said...

Love your look! So sassy and cute!
My closet is busting at the seams too. I feel like I'm always getting rid of stuff but it keeps multiplying. Could have something to do with my thrifting addiction. lol!

K. Elizabeth @ YUMMommy said...

My closet is looking a little sparse at the moment, but only because I finally decided to get rid of my old clothes that were too big. I mostly have just shirts. So, I'm definitely hunting thrift stores and clearance racks for jeans, dress slacks, shirts and dresses.

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