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Gimme Five Friday

Somebody had a late night and an early morning. I went for a mom's night out including some sweaty dance floor action! About 30 minutes worth before my feet started to burn and I got anxious about getting enough sleep. Naturally, V wakes up earlier than usual because I went to bed later than usual. My knees hurt. Here, have some fragments and a great weekend!

tory burch white jeans

1. I'm wearing the same denim shirt I was wearing in the last Gimme Five and I wore it last night too. I have 2 thrifted J. Crew denim shirts but I like this one better and wear it often while the other one just hangs in the closet unloved.

tory burch jeans worn with a denim shirt

2. Fashion rules to break: don't wear white after Labor Day, dark skinned women can't wear red lipstick, tall women shouldn't wear heels, don't wear mini skirts if you're of a certain age.

denim shirt worn with white jeans

3. I can't seem to read an entire book from cover to cover anymore unless it's one of Violet's books. I listen to audiobooks while I'm driving and during Violet's nap. I just finished listening to Middlesex. It's a Pulitzer Prize winning novel and was an Oprah Book Club selection. I have it on my bookshelf but never got around to reading it. It's a really good book. Have you read it? 

thrift style fashion blog

4. The Coach purse I'm carrying was sold on eBay last week. I was kind of hoping it wouldn't sell because I wanted it for myself. I bought it at the same estate sale where I bought a rare book.

thrifted coach purse worn with j crew shirt and tory burch white jeans

5. The white jeans are Tory Burch and they are also for sale on eBay. No bids and I don't want them. Love the gold zippers in back but I'm afraid of attracting dirt! 

white jeans for sale on ebay
THRIFT J. Crew denim shirt - Tory Burch white jeans - Target leopard print flats - sunglasses - Coach purse 

Don't leave me hanging. Give me 5 back!



Anonymous said...

So I've become a fan of cheetah/leopard print flats. Like a huge fan!

Unknown said...

I have to say audible has been the best thing for me :-)I love your simple but yet elegant look for Friday. I've always admired white bottoms on others but never got the guts to pull one off. Mmmm.... I think I might give it a try. Happy Friday!


K. Elizabeth @ YUMMommy said...

I've broken all of those fashion rules. I think when it comes to fashion there should be no rules. It's about being unique and owning your individuality!

Ashleigh said...

I think it looks great! Your shirt against the white pants is so polished and crisp!

Ellen aka Ellie said...

I would love a few denim shirts. Will you be my personal shopper?

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