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How I Found the Perfect Pair of Jeans at Sears

Thank you Collective Bias and Sears for this sponsored post that allowed me to shop for affordable fashion that "fits" my needs. By fit, I mean fit issues. I know they are likely only visible to me but that doesn't stop me from whining. After all, they're my issues.

shopped affordable fashion at Sears

I notice fit issues when: 

- my 3 year old post belly jelly spills out over the top of too small in the waist jeans. 
- I pull on my jeans and grab a long top to hide the plumber butt threatening every time I bend over. 
- I try on a pair of amazing looking jeans and check the back and see a huge gap between waistband and my waist. 
- I've gone up a size to comfortably fit my full thighs but they're big in the hips so I'm constantly pulling up my sagging jeans.

Keeping my issues in mind, I went to Sears on a quest for the perfect pair of jeans. 

My personal style is pretty eclectic. I like a mix of classics, trends and retro. When it comes to jeans though, I definitely have a style preference. Straight leg. Dark wash. Dark stitching.

my sears style with jeans purchased at sears

Since I was in quest mode, I scanned my favorites into the Try On app and waited for the jeans to magically appear in a dressing room for me. Seriously. Jeans came down a shoot with a woosh! right into the dressing room. This is a good thing because lugging 50 pounds worth of jeans is more than my arms (with their own fit issues) can bare.

my personal style with sears fashion

I tried on pretty much every style available in my size or could possibly be my size. Size labels do vary. I even scanned juniors size white denim and super trendy distressed jeans! I've worn junior sizes before. It can be hit or miss. I tried on petite sizes too because of the short legs issue. 

I ran into quite a few too small or too big jeans. Luckily, I had the Try On app to easily request different sizes.

shop your way with sears rewards program

In the end, I went with my old favorite with a twist. I bought a timeless pair of  skinny leg Levi's. It's a narrower straight leg and not tapered like some skinny jeans. It gives me a longer, leaner look. They're also mid-rise so there's great rear end coverage with no waist gap. I wore them all day and didn't encounter a sag situation either.

In other words, I found the perfect pair of jeans that addressed all of my fit issues.

Levi's purchased at Sears

What does your perfect pair of jeans look like?

Keep up with Sears on Facebook and Twitter for style inspiration and ways to save using the Shop Your Way rewards program. I received 400 points to use on my next Sears purchase! 

Visit my Google+ album to see scenes from my jeans quest including my new age dressing room plus some of the other styles I tried on.

where to shop for affordable fashion

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laniza said...

The futuristic dressing room sounds really cool!

Entice Diamante said...

Cute jeans!

Ashley said...

What is up with that dressing room? That sounds awesome! Pretty sure my Sears doesn't have that though. lol.

Also, I love Levi's jeans. They're the only ones that fit me like a glove. I've tried on every brand imaginable and Levi's win every time.

Ashleigh said...

Those look fabulous! Your legs look a mile long. Levi's are classic and will last you forever.

Ellen aka Ellie said...

I've been wanting Levi's for a while. They're next.

Michelle@SimplifyLiveLove said...

You found some great jeans at Sears, Troy! And I love your pictures. Nice job.

BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

They definitely look great on you!

Thriftanista in the City said...

It is! Roomy and clean too.

Thriftanista in the City said...


Thriftanista in the City said...

I will definitely have to buy more pairs. I really love them!

Thriftanista in the City said...

Thanks Ash!

Thriftanista in the City said...

They fit great, Ellen!

Thriftanista in the City said...

Thank you!

Mommy Testers said...

Those jeans look awesome on you! And I know what you mean about having your usual and sticking to it, but then it's good once in a while to tweak things a bit. I'm glad you found your perfect pair and as always your photos rock!

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