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A Huge Sunhat, Humana, and the Taste of Chicago

Thanks to Humana for sponsoring this post and our healthy eating excursion at the Taste of Chicago. If you're from Chitown, you know all about The Taste, our annual restaurant sampling festival. You can find everything from Chicago-style hot dogs to Nigerian jollof rice. Our weather is iffy but the food is phenomenal! 

orange sunhat made in Kenya bought at a festival

Before venturing into the food abyss with babes and a humongous sun hat, I stopped at the Humana Experience Well Being Tour (Congress Parkway at Columbus Dr. on the Taste map) to pick up a Healthier Choice passport guide and learn about the tour.

wearing a hat with long locs

The tour consists of:
  • Interactive XBox Kinect station where guests can play the “Your Shape” game
  • Four biometric screening stations that provide personalized metrics and health experts to explain the results
  • Hydration station, equipped with a person-powered bicycle, that displays information on the importance of staying hydrated and provides a cup of water as a reward for pedaling
  • Photo booth
  • A well-being wall to write messages of inspiration to others
  • Free pedometers to count Taste-goers’steps.

humana healthier choice tour and activities

I wasn't able to check out the activity stations with the babes but I did pick up a pedometer to count my steps. If you participate in activities you receive a passport stamp good towards awesome prizes like gift cards to Chicago restaurants. You can also earn stamps when you purchase Healthier Choice food items. 

mom and daugther with natural hair

Since Humana picked up the tab, I went in search of the appetizers, entrees and desserts available. This year there are 35 foods from 20 restaurants that meet calorie, sodium and saturated fat nutritional criteria so it wasn't going to be hard. Also, the Humana Healthier Choice options are on the menu board with a bright green apple icon next to it. 

humana pedometer at the taste of chicago

I did a lap around the festival before actually purchasing so as to work up an appetite, strategize my choices, and break in my new pedometer! 

tequila lime chicken taco from carbon at the taste of chicago

In the end the best and healthiest food I had was the tequila lime marinated chicken breast taco from Carbon (a healthier food choice) and the watermelon ice. V was all over it. Perhaps we needed two of these.

watermelon ice at the taste of chicago

I left The Taste with only 2 stamps (of 6) needed to be eligible for prizes. What can I say? It's The Taste and there's still time to earn more! The Humana Experience will be at Taste of Chicago from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. until July 13th. 

taste of chicago 2013

If you go, check out the Humana booth before you start eating. Trust me on this.

thrifted jean shorts worn with bright tee and sunhat
THRIFT purple sunglasses - Gap tee - Old Navy cuffed jean shorts FESTIVAL obnoxiously big Kenyan sunhat GIFT Kenyan thong sandals

Humana Healthier Choices information and The Taste tickets have been provided by Humana.

*** in other news ***

I love my orange sunhat because it gives my face a lovely golden glow. It can be dangerous to wear though. Visit me on instagram for that tale.



Ashleigh said...

That hat is fabulous! You need nothing else! Taste of Chicago looks amazeballs.

SEWButterfly said...

I miss the Taste! Homesick! Hat is fabulosity!!!

SEWButterfly said...

I miss the Taste! Homesick! Hat is fabulosity!!!

Unknown said...

The food looks so good and that hat is kust stunning.


Anonymous said...

I've been lucky enough to visit The Taste on one of my trips to the Chi, and I absolutely loved it. So much food, not enough time. With the humidity and powerful sun, a hat is a must. A cute hat is even better!

Unknown said...

I LOVE your hat!!! It is so glam!! The first time I visited Chicago, it happened to be during the Taste. I LOVED it! Such a great event! Looks like you had fun and you looked fabulous for it!

xo, Kenya @ Kenya L Fashion Blog


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