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Photography For Bloggers Who Don't Have DSLR Cameras: Lighting

Having nice photos is pretty key for fashion bloggers. Since I'm not blessed with a DSLR camera, I make due with a point & shoot and sometimes the camera on my android.

photography for blogger who don't have dslr cameras

Before I start sharing my tricks, let me say, I am not an photographer and I don't always get the perfect shot. If you look through my entire body of blog posts you can see that there have been lots of misses. 

I have to pat myself on the back though. My photos have come a long way! However, I do take between 25 - 75 (78 for this post) pictures trying to get 4 - 6 "best" shots.

I count on lighting and editing to achieve the best picture possible. My camera has manual settings for iso, shutter speed and aperture but I can never keep that stuff straight. I operate my camera in intelligent auto (iA) 95% of the time. 

My only other tools are a tripod purchased on eBay for $20. I also use a work lamp that I bought at Home Depot for $10. I'm sure they can be found at the thrift too.

photography tools camera tripod work lamp

The Light

1. Take photos in daylight.

2. Don't stand directly in the sun but do use natural light when possible. As you know by my constant complaints of Chicago weather, sometimes it's just not feasible to go outside.

picture taken outside using natural lighting

3. When you shoot indoors, use light from windows. Raise the blinds. Open the curtains. Turn off the lights. Yep. That's right. Turn off your lights and turn off the flash on your camera.

4. Using natural light and the artificial light confuses iA, I think. If I need more light, I use a natural light bulb in a work lamp rigged to the back of Violet's highchair!

indoor photo using non dslr camera work lamp tripod

5. If pics are still really grainy, shoot pictures closer to the cameral lens. The further away you are, the more garbled the pictures look.  Take photos in sections -- close up of your accessories, a close up of the shoes, the dress only, etc...

Visit Photography for Bloggers Who Don't Have DSLR Cameras: Editing for the second part of this post. 


Unknown said...

I'm in the same no dslr boat. Great tips!

Daenel T. said...

Great tips. It also helps to have a little person around as an accessory. That Violet sure is a cutie!

K. Elizabeth @ YUMMommy said...

Great tips. I definitely need invest in a tripod for my camera and one to attach my iPhone to. I've heard that the natural light bulbs are awesome shooting photos and videos indoor. Will have to get some of those too.

Unknown said...

Thanks for the tips! Was just scrolling through my photos thinking I need to invest in a personal photographer! LOL...But ummmm...I'll just settle for a "thrifty" tripod and do it myself!

Stacie Raye said...

I don't have a DSLR either. Think I'll check into those settings for my camera. It's new and I'm still trying to learn it. Thanks for the tips.

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