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Original Jeans Hem Tutorial

Altering a jeans hem length and keeping the original hem intact is really fast and easy to do. It's one of those projects you can knock out in 10 mins or less. I learned how to do it when I first learned to sew since most of my pants are too long. 

My legs are shorter than the average, I suppose. These days, I wear most of my jeans tucked under or over as a temporary solution.  

Yesterday, I was hit with the sewing bug and worked on a pair that was already prepped.

keep original hem on jeans

Normally, you have to try on, pin and measure before making hemline adjustments. I've been folding the bottom of these jeans so long they have a permanent crease so I used it as my guide.

Jeans Hem Tutorial

Step #1: Pinch pant leg between crease mark and lower hem of jeans. Tuck excess fabric in and up (toward waist).

keep original jeans hem tutorial

Step #2: Pin around pant leg. This is a good place to try them on again to make sure they are the right length. 

alter original jeans hem

Step #3: Sew around leg with thread that is the same color as original hem. You should sew a seam as close to original hem as possible.

sew original jeans hem

Step #4: Cut excess fabric away. I didn't do this step because I'm lazy and the excess fabric wasn't very much. If you have a big hunk of fabric inside you definitely want to cut it down and clean it up with a zig-zag stitch.

original jeans hem diy tutorial

I have one pair down and many more to go! The going rate for a jeans hem in my neighborhood is $20. I'm certainly not going to pay that much when the jeans were $5 (or less) at the thrift!

thriftanista jeans hem diy

Do you alter your jeans?

shorten length keep original hem



Kara. said...

I learned this trick in my apparel construction classes in college. I have my own sewing machine, but I don't use it much. This made me want to go to my fabric store and start a project.

ChickPool said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
ChickPool said...

I needed this post! Thanks!

Lorelei said...

You know, I just might try this. Thanks for the clear pics : )

Fashion Pad said...

My mom usually alters all my clothes. She's a fab seamstress. However, I think I could do this myself. I have a sewing machine but the poor thing gets little attention from me, lol. Great tutorial!

Vett Vandiver said...

you did a great job with these, they look great!!

Unknown said...

I need to learn how to use a sewing machine, great job on the hem job.

nicole said...

Great job! I can't find my sewing machine since we moved to ATL.....still unpacking, hope it turns up.

MrsFierce said...

Awesome, will be doing this!

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