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Ankara Maxi Dress

My ankara maxi skirt is really a dress. It's an a-line dress I made when I actually sewed the fabric instead of hoarding it. It's a Vogue Michael Kors pattern that I've sewn several times but I could never figure out how to adjust the stinking bust to accommodate more than a B cup.  It was always unflattering on top and caused extremely flat uni-boob. 

ankara maxi skirt and tee

I normally keep my sewing projects even if I don't wear them. I wear this dress maybe once a year. 

ankara maxi skirt and t-shirt

I was prepared to swap it at the party but no one wanted it. Perhaps, they could tell there was a uni-boob situation?

I put it back in the closet to age. I woke up yesterday morning with an epiphany...

michael kors sewing pattern maxi dress vogue 2730

Why don't you wear it as a skirt?

Some people wake up ready to change the world and I woke up thinking about a dress. Real deep. I know. 

boxing kitten style ankara skirt

I took the neck tie off and tucked in the halter and voila! I have a new maxi skirt and it has a really high waist. It's playground tested and approved. No need to shave my legs either. This is a dress / skirt that keeps on giving!

ankara wax print skirt

Check it out as a dress in a 2009 very bad selfie on my facebook page. Say hello to my dirty mirror..unmade bed..ironing board...and other miscellaneous crap partially cropped from the pic too. I was a messy bessy before the babes. I should probably stop blaming her for the clutter, huh? Sidenote: My toes are ashy. I blame cheap lotion.

african wax print dress skirt
THRIFT Foster Grant sunglasses DIY ankara wax print maxi dress/skirt GIFT Bangles - Kenyan sandals RETAIL Diesel tee

Happy Friday!

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Prototype Mama said...

Loving that maxi!

I would love for you to come and link ip to That's Fresh Friday and share!

Shon said...

Ha! I love the way you think! You did change the world, another take on recycling! Well done. What a beautiful fabric and such a lovely skirt. Have fun wearing it this spring/summer.

Chandra said...

i love this as a skirt + that fabric! now i just need to learn how to sew. enjoy your weekend!

Kenya Hunter said...

I love how you re-purposed this maxi into a skirt! I've got a maxi that I plan to do the same with! Looks great! Love the print!

xo, Kenya

Kenya L Fashion Blog

Jill said...

Fabulous skirt!

BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

I absolutely love it as a skirt!

Olivia Lane said...

I've worn many a skirt as a dress but never a dress as a skirt. Hooray for new fashion territory. Thanks! I love this look!

Chioma said...

you look so fabulous!! Love love that skirt! :)

C's Evolution of Style said...

Love it!

Just found your blog through... god knows who or what? But I'm here- and you are very creative and funny!!

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